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Jeff Kober Talks Cyrus Battling Sonny and Jordan on General Hospital

Jeff Kober

General Hospital baddie Cyrus (Jeff Kober) is currently wreaking havoc all over Port Charles. Since the time he came to town, he's squared off against fellow mobster Sonny (Maurice Benard), but the two mobsters are quite different. Kober spoke to Soap Opera Digest about Cyrus' varied enemies in Port Chuck.

What's behind Kober playing villains on TV? He's just got the look! The actor said:

The look is definitely part of it, and the fact that I feel things really deeply, and I lived in personal darkness for a very long time. To express the darkness of someone else is not a big thing for me. It’s actually a relief to let that part of the personality and that part of life see the light of day. There’s a sense of just relief and sometimes even glee to let that be alive.

Asked about Cyrus not being scared off by the Dimpled Don, Kober dished:

One of the things about being a bad guy and being around as long as I’ve been around, they bring me into situations and make me so bad, they make other people look good! I think that’s good for Sonny, for his character. He’s mafia! He’s been involved in organized crime for 30 years now. So now we’re shining a light on the fact that he’s a criminal, but he’s a good criminal. ‘You could have this criminal or you could have this criminal — he’s really bad.’ 

The silver-haired star also enjoys Cyrus' adversarial relationship with Jordan (Briana Nicole Henry). However, that has begun to change, as Jordan fights back. Kober explained:

I’m a reprehensible character, but the way they write this stuff, I get to actually just sort of pretend I’m not reprehensible and pretend we’re friends, old friends: ‘We’ve gone through the war together, we’ve got history.’ I get to just talk to her like a friend and she just comes right back at me. She’s always looking for ways to come at me and they finally started writing that and I don’t like it! I don’t like that a lot; I’d rather have the power. The power is much more fun than the not power.