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Emma Samms Dishes on Battle with Long COVID: "I Haven’t Felt Well for a Year"

Emma Samms

General Hospital and Dynasty star Emma Samms is still struggling with COVID-19. The British beauty was diagnosed with Long COVID and has organized a Dynasty reunion to raise money supporting research for the condition. 

She spoke with Soap Hub about how she's holding up. How is Samms feeling now? She stated:

It’s been the most bizarre scary thing to have found myself in a situation for a whole year, where there are good days – and this is a good day – and then there are bad days where I can’t even come downstairs because I can’t breathe properly and have chest pains. It comes and it goes. I haven’t felt well for a year.

To raise money for Long COVID research, she's spearheading a March 20 digital reunion for Dynasty. Some of the show's biggest stars, like Linda Evans (ex-Krystle), are set to appear. What can fans expect? Samms shared:

 It’s going to be based on a quiz. That’s going to be the main part of it. People can participate by signing up on their phones. If they’re looking at us on their computer, they can sign up on their phone to ask a question. If they don’t have that facility or they don’t what to join in on the quiz, that’s fine. It’s still going to be really fun, because a lot of the questions are going to be read by the cast. They’re going to prompt a lot of very fun memories. One of the things that I think is really important is that people know it’s not just going to be about the Dynasty cast. It’s going to be about what Dynasty did for the audience. A lot of people say that it was very formative watching the show for them, and we’ll want to hear your stories as well.

Fans loved her brief GH return last year. Samms recalled:

Well, I had been absolutely scheduled to come back and do a decent stint on the show. And once there was a pandemic, that would have stopped me anyway. Production shut down, but also I was not well enough to work. The storyline was sort of crucial at that point. So they very, I thought, kindly asked if I would be able to do just a little scene from home, film it myself, which I did. We sent it off, and it was put in the show, and it was a huge surprise to everybody. And it was such fun to be on the show, yet not to have left my house.

Get your tickets to the reunion here.