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Perkie's Observations: Anna's Dreams Get Destroyed at the Altar on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 3, 2021
Finola Hughes

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie accuses Liesl of being the one to grab Peter, but she denies it. Liesl shows Robert her exoneration papers and he gets confirmation from the WSB. Liesl says she has evidence that proves someone else was responsible for everything.

Anna and Maxie want Liesl to leave so the wedding can go on. Liesl insists there won't be a wedding today and shows Alex's video. Anna tries to stop Liesl, asking her not to reveal everything at the wedding. Liesl says she needs to protect Maxie and James from Peter.

Alex admits that she's Peter's mother, not Anna, and Anna knew the truth. Anna and Valentin are forced to admit they knew all along. Finn is angry that Anna didn't tell him and storms out.

Liesl accuses Robert of breaking his promise to watch out for Maxie while she was in prison. Robert says all Liesl did was break some hearts, but she promises there's more to come.

Maxie complains to Mac that Anna knew the truth and lied. Peter wants to know why Anna lied and she claims she was trying to protect him. Anna says Peter is in control of his own life, but he feels he'll never be the man he thought he was since Alex is his mother.

Valentin tells Anna they did their best to save Peter, but she feels things are still a mess. Valentin says Peter committed his crimes and he will deal with him.

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Carly talks to Michael about missing Sonny, then discusses Nina and her obsession with Nelle. Carly complains about Michael bringing Wiley to see Nina. Carly wants everyone to step back from Wiley. She believes Nina will fill Wiley's head with fantasy stories about Nelle. Carly thinks Wiley needs to be told about Nelle when he's old enough to process it. Michael says he won't deprive Nina of being in Wiley's life.

Willow gets home and tells them everything that happened at the wedding.

Ava and Nina catch up. Nina complains about Jax always taking Carly's side and explains what happened the night Nelle died. Nina feels she could have helped Nelle had she known the truth and claims Carly is angry with her. Ava sees Carly's side since Carly got upset with Nina for crashing the funeral and going to the police.

Nina blames herself for testifying against Nelle which caused her final downward spiral. Ava says Carly will do anything in her power to keep Wiley away from Nina. Nina refuses to let that happen. Nina tells Ava about her visit with Wiley and how Carly interrupted them.

Ava tells Nina to make peace with Carly for Wiley's sake. Michael calls Nina to come over and spend time with Wiley. Nina tells Ava that she'll apologize to Carly.

Maxie talks to Peter and claims being Alex's son doesn't change anything between them. Maxie asks Peter to go ahead with the wedding. Peter agrees to marry her.

Liesl tells Valentin this must be stopped and Peter is not the man he pretends to be. Liesl says she owes it to Nathan to keep James safe. Liesl heads over to Dante with her pen, but before she can click it, Valentin steps forward. He says he's going to tell Maxie who Peter truly is.

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