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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Crashes Maxie and Anna's Weddings on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 2, 2021
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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati

On today's General Hospital recap: Via flashbacks, Valentin remembers a conversation he had with Anna when they decided that Peter can't marry Maxie and needs to be taken out of the equation. The two agree to make it look like Peter left Maxie at the altar while Valentin's man grabs him. 

Valentin leaves a note for Maxie that looks like it came from Peter. He tells Anna he has a place where Peter will be kept until they gather the evidence against him. (You know, the evidence Anna showed Peter that was tossed in the fire, the evidence that she stupidly didn't make copies of? That evidence.)

Valentin warns Anna that once they set this in motion, they can't go back. Anna agrees that everyone, including Maxie, needs to be protected. 

Peter is bound and gagged, and dumped in a utility closet (uhm, Valentin honey, you need to get your money back because your man didn't do a very good job).

Wedding guests begin to wonder what’s happening since Peter seems to have disappeared from the ceremony. Anna reassures Maxie that Peter loves her and wouldn't miss anything. Anna thinks maybe the wedding needs to be postponed if Peter doesn't show up soon.

Maxie says nothing should stop the Fanna wedding, even if the Paxie one is delayed. Anna refuses until she knows that Peter is alright. She gives an impassioned speech to Finn about her love for him and he agrees to wait.

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Finn wonders if Robert had something to do with Peter's disappearance, but he claims he didn't. He says he wouldn't want Maxie to think Peter is a martyr.

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Mac thinks the wedding should be called off, but Maxie refuses. She says Peter would never abandon her and wants to wait. 

Valentin checks in with Anna, and tells her he'll pretend to check Peter's room and find the letter.

Dante heads outside to make a call and finds Peter locked in a storage closet. Maxie's thrilled to have Peter back, but Anna and Valentin, not so much.

Mac wants assurances that Maxie will be safe, He's worried that whoever grabbed him will come back, but Peter says he'll always do everything to protect Maxie.

Peter wants the wedding to go on despite Anna and Valentin’s attempts to talk him out of it. Peter and Maxie share a moment, then Maxie takes charge, determined for the wedding to happen. (What happens to the letter in his hotel room now?)

Chase joins Finn, and Valentin joins Peter at the altar. Maxie's bridesmaid Sam takes her stroll before Mac walks Maxie down the aisle. Violet, then Jordan, precede Anna down the aisle. Lucy begins her officiating duties. 

Liesl crashes the party to object. (Had completely forgotten about her, so that got quite a fist pump cheer from me!!)

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