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Perkie's Observations: Valentin Rains Hellfire on Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 4, 2021
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Peter August, General Hospital

Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Valentin decides Maxie needs to know the truth. He says Peter is a liar and lacks the capacity to know who he truly is. Peter is surprised, but Valentin says he's going to protect everyone, especially Maxie.

Valentin tells Maxie that Peter willingly helped Helena with Drew's kidnapping and memory transfer. Peter tries to convince Maxie that Valentin is lying, but she wants to know the whole story. Valentin tells them that Peter is responsible for killing Drew.

Sam loses it and Dante has to hold her back. Maxie thinks it's a lie. Liesl says it's the evidence she has that exonerated her. Valentin says Shiloh knew and Peter helped him escape from prison.

Maxie doesn't believe Anna knew and didn't tell her. Peter swears up and down that Valentin is lying and not to believe him.

Anna checks in on Finn, who wants to know what else she's lied about. He's angry that she trusted and confided in Valentin and not him. Anna explains what she and Valentin found out about Peter and how they decided he couldn't marry Maxie.

Anna says she didn't want Finn involved in the mess, but he's upset she made the decision for him. Anna admits she didn't want to see how bad Peter really was. Finn says Violet was around Peter, but Anna swears she would have protected her. Anna wants to work things out, but gets the call from Robert to come back to the ballroom to deal with the fallout.

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Chase updates Jackie on what happened at the wedding after she left. He doesn't understand why Anna kept something so big from Finn. The two discuss Jackie's crumbling marriage.

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Franco checks into the Metro Court on his way to Shadybrook. Liz and Cameron pay him a visit. Cameron gives Franco a phone. The phone contains a message Franco recorded to himself when he thought he was Drew. Cameron hopes it will help Franco deal with the voice he's hearing.

Liz gets a call that she's needed at the hospital. Cameron offers to stay with Franco, but he reminds them Cameron shouldn't be alone with his stepfather. Cameron leaves and Franco thinks Liz should go as well. After Liz leaves, Franco watches the video.

Michael invites Nina over to visit with Wiley. Nina's grateful for Michael allowing her to be in Wiley's life. Nina looks less than thrilled when Willow refers to herself as Wiley's mother. Nina has a chat with Wiley about how she's his grandmother.

Carly tells Jax that Michael is allowing Nina to visit with Wiley. She worries about Nina's state of mind and what she can do to Wiley. Carly thinks Nina will paint the wrong picture of Nelle to Wiley.

Carly heads to the mansion and tells Nina they both need to do what's best for Wiley. Willow returns to the room with Wiley, upset because he told her she wasn't his real mommy.

Anna heads back to the ballroom and tells Maxie that Valentin has been telling the truth. Anna admits she had her doubts about Peter for a while. Anna says she confronted Peter and he lied.

Peter wants to take Maxie away, but Mac stops him, then punches him. Maxie starts to complain about the baby.

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