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WATCH: Melissa Claire Egan Teases Chelsea's "Potentially Destructive" Plans

Melissa Claire Egan

The Young and the Restless' Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) is healing nicely from her stroke...but she's keeping it a secret mostly. Why? Perhaps to get revenge on Adam (Mark Grossman), who recently smooched his ex Sharon (Sharon Case)! 

What might Chelsea have in store for "Shadam"? Egan talked to TV Insider about what's to come.

She stated:

You mix in the fact that now she has mobility, but she’s also not telling anybody that she can do—well, she tells Chloe [Elizabeth Hendrickson]. She kind of confides only in one person about it and so she has a lot of power, in that everyone thinks that she can’t, you know, get out of that chair and she can. So she can do all sorts of potentially destructive things that you might see and no one would think it’s Chelsea because she’s in a wheelchair right now. She can’t move.

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Chelsea will be getting up to some mischief soon! Egan previewed:

I won’t give it away, but a lot of bad stuff starts to happen in town and it’s like, 'Who did that?' and it’s like, 'Well? Me, but nobody knows!'

Watch the full chat below.