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Perkie's Observations: Franco Takes a Crack at Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 5, 2021
Roger Howarth

Roger Howarth

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie worries the baby's coming and Britt feels she should go to the hospital. Peter wants to follow, but Dante and Robert hold him back. Peter declares there is no proof against him and asks if he's being arrested. Robert says he won't be arrested yet.

Peter's angry with Anna for lying. Anna says Peter lied to her and destroyed the evidence she had. Peter takes off to the hospital.

Anna apologizes to Robert for not listening to or believing him regarding Peter. Anna says she would have told Maxie the truth if she'd had the evidence. Robert says Maxie was unwilling to listen to them no matter the evidence. Anna regrets telling Maxie that Peter was a good man who could keep her safe. She admits there is nothing good about Peter.

Violet doesn't want to spend the night with Chase (crazy girl!). Gregory arrives and manages to convince her to get some sleep. Chase talks to Gregory about his feelings for Willow and her feelings for Michael.

Finn goes to pick up Violet from Jackie, but Chase already took her home. Finn talks to Jackie about Anna's lies and Jackie wonders if he can get past it. As Finn is leaving, Jackie talks about their time together. Gregory arrives and overhears their conversation.

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Willow's upset by what Wiley said to her. Michael doesn't know why Wiley would have said that to Willow and questions Nina. Nina swears she was just being honest with her grandson.

Nina says she had the right to tell Wiley the truth which does not sit well with Carly. Nina says they can't pretend that Nelle didn't exist. Nina apologizes to Michael, but he says she needs to take a step back.

Willow goes to Chase and tells him what happened, and how much it upset her. Willow believes it has to do with her own child's death. Chase comforts Willow.

Franco watches the video of himself as Drew and figures out that Peter was behind Drew's kidnapping and memory swap. Franco goes searching for Peter, but finds Dante and Sam. He tells them the voice in his head is Drew's. The two are confused as Franco heads out to find Jason. Sam leaves a message for Jason that Franco's being weird.

At the hospital, Britt has Maxie tested for preeclampsia and does an ultrasound, though she believes the pain was brought on by stress. Maxie wants to know what Britt knew about Peter and when. Britt admits she's known from Liesl that Peter set her up. Britt mentions how Peter used her credentials to get into the hospital computer. Maxie's still not ready to believe anything against Peter.

Peter grabs a gun and heads to the hospital. Franco comes up behind him and cracks him in the head with a tire iron. 

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