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Cady McClain Discusses DAYS Run and Possibility of Returning

Cady McClain

Is Cady McClain down for returning to Days of Our Lives as Jennifer Horton? She sure is. The Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress spoke with Soap Opera Digest, where she revealed how she enjoyed slipping into the role as Melissa Reeves decided not to return to the show once production resumed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. McClain appreciated her time in Salem and told the magazine,

I was really grateful for the opportunity and it was very special. I felt like I was revisiting some of the golden years of what soaps can be. DAYS is a beautiful show that really honors its past and its history. The storyline was so well-plotted that every time I worked, there was something special about that day.

Indeed, McClain got something special incorporated on DAYS from her time on All My Children. The writers added a nod to her gross send-off on AMC of her beloved character Dixie Martin being killed by pancakes with her cousin Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) offering up some pancakes for breakfast with Jen rolling her eyes at the mere suggestion. On the wink to her Pine Valley days, McClain remarked,

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I completely understood that it was just like that Marvel series, WandaVision, where they put in these Easter eggs just for the fans. That’s exactly what this was: It was an Easter egg for the All My Children fans, for them to have a giggle, and the writer letting them know, ‘We know you watch! We know you were there!’ It was a good laugh had by all. I did, and I hope other people did, too.

Fans sure did have a good laugh. Would McClain return to the show? McClain told the magazine "Of course" when asked but also stated,

I also understand if they need their Missy back! I have complete understanding for that, too, so whatever is meant to be, I’m okay with it. As they say, no one ever dies in daytime. Nothing ever ends, you know? You just pause for a moment. It may be years, or you show up somewhere else, or you’re a different character — you just never know what’s going to happen! I was just happy to play out my arc and to keep this character on the canvas and support the show and get to do my thing, my contribution to it.