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Perkie's Observations: Who Takes a Bullet on General Hospital?

General Hospital Recap for March 8, 2021
Roger Howarth, Wes Ramsey

Roger Howarth, Wes Ramsey

On today's General Hospital recap: Peter wakes up tied to a chair in Franco's old studio and begs to be released. Franco explains the voice in his head is Drew telling him that Peter dropped Drew off in Afghanistan for Helena.

Peter says Helena and Faison forced him, and he had no choice. Franco tells Peter to stop lying because he knows the truth from the memory. Franco threatens Peter with a scalpel, leading him to admit to downing Drew's plane, and trying to kill him and Andre.

Peter begs for his life, but Franco admits he has no intention of killing him. Franco says he just wanted a confession, which he recorded on his phone. (This is when you would send that file to someone as backup.)

Gregory confronts Finn and Jackie on what happened the night before their wedding. The two explain to Gregory about their history and how they slept together. Finn says he was ashamed and couldn't face his father in the years that followed. Gregory is angry that Finn made him feel it was his fault.

Gregory puts two and two together, and asks if Chase is Finn's son. Jackie says it doesn't matter, but Gregory says he has a right to know. Finn says he had a DNA test done, but hasn't picked up the results. Gregory feels Chase needs to know.

Anna and Valentin are surprised when Peter doesn't show up at the hospital. Valentin says he cleaned up any signs of their involvement in Peter's kidnapping.

Anna wants to see Maxie, but Mac refuses her. Mac says Anna has been protecting Peter at Maxie's expense. Anna swears she tried to stop the wedding, but couldn't see a way out. Mac says Anna owes Maxie an apology.

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Britt tells Maxie that her test results are normal. She can be released, but she needs to keep the stress down. Maxie's still upset at the accusations hurled at Peter, but Britt says he's been lying to Maxie this whole time. Britt says Peter threatened her, but Maxie refuses to believe anything.

Anna wants to talk to Maxie, but she's not receptive. Anna says she loves Maxie and would never hurt her. Maxie asks why Anna lied about Peter's mother and she says she hoped that her love would change Peter. Anna says Peter will do anything to protect himself. Maxie's upset that Anna's given up because she still loves him.

Chase and Willow take care of Violet, who's upset the weddings didn't happen. Finn comes over to check on Violet. He admits to Chase he doesn't think he has a home anymore.

Jason wants Spinelli to find Franco. He explains that Franco's hearing Peter's voice. Valentin stops over and tells Spinelli about Maxie, so he heads out to the hospital.

Valentin tells Jason the truth about Peter and asks him not to retaliate. Valentin tells Jason to let the WSB take care of Peter, but Jason doesn't trust them. Valentin doesn't want Peter dead, but wants him in jail and asks Jason to do it for Anna. Britt arrives and tells Jason not to go after Peter and to let it play out.

Peter manages to get the hand ties off and the two fight for the gun. Peter gets the gun, screaming about being the man Maxie deserves. Franco says he won't be that man if he shoots him in cold blood.

Franco tells Peter he needs to leave Port Charles, but Peter says he's not leaving Maxie and their child. Peter says there is no evidence against him and the two fight over the gun, which goes off. 

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