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WATCH: Katie Couric Explains Why Guest Hosting Jeopardy! Is "a Real Honor"

Katie Couric Jeopardy

Today, Katie Couric will step up to Alex Trebek's famous podium to become the first woman ever to host Jeopardy!. In a chat featured on the show's official YouTube account, the veteran journalist opened up about this big moment.

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What made her want to be a part of Jeopardy!? Couric shared:

I love the show, I loved Alex Trebek. I was so inspired by him, especially by his courage toward the end of his life. It’s just such an American institution and the opportunity to play a small part in the continuation of this show was just something I didn’t want to pass up.

To prepare, Couric studied the master himself. She dished:

I spent a lot of time watching Alex, how he moved from category to category, how he phrased his clues, how he solicited responses, how he interacted with contestants. And I learned a lot just through observation.

What does being the first female host mean to Couric? A lot! She explained:

I’ve always believed it’s critically important to have representation in media, to have women, to have people of color, to have all kinds of people that make up this wonderful country we live in. Because I want people at home to see people like them in these important, powerful, authoritative roles, so to be the first woman on a show that stands for excellence and intelligence and integrity is a real honor for me.

Watch the full interview below.