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Days of Our Lives' Jackée Harry Says "Scandalous" Paulina's Got Her Eye on Abe

Jackée Harry has made a splash as Paulina Price on Days of Our Lives. The veteran actress opened up to Soap Opera Digest about playing a "fabulous" character, working opposite a talented cast, and what might be in the cards for Ms. Price.

When she got the call about possibly playing Paulina, Harry was initially dubious...until she heard more about the character. She explained:

They just said I would be fierce and fabulous and I went, ‘Oh, I’m typecast again.' They said she’s fabulous and fun and full of life and a strong, determined woman of power. As soon as they said she would have money, I said yes.

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Harry is loving working with the DAYS cast. She shared:

Jim Reynolds [Abe] is a giant. As soon as I saw him, I said, ‘Let’s just get into bed. I know that’s where it’s going!’ He’s so good. He’s a professional. He’s a leader. He’s the reason we’re there because he’s been there 40 years. So I respect him completely and totally and trust him. When I saw Lamon [Archey, Eli], I said, ‘Man, can’t you dial back the years?’ He’s gorgeous. And Sal [Stowers, Lani]? I adore her. They’re so stunningly good-looking and such good actors.

Fans can expect some juicy storylines for Paulina, including a possible romance. Harry teased:

She’s scandalous and she has a past but she’s definitely got her eye on Abe Carver, for sure.