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Days of Our Lives Recap: Abigail Puts the Screws to Gwen (WATCH)

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 9, 2021
Abigail Deveraux, Days of Our Lives

Marci Miller

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Eli all nekkid in front of the mirror

Side Note: Thank you, Soap Jesus

As Eli is posing, in walks Lani ready to give him the business. Eli is worried that he is heading towards dad bod, but is glad that Lani’s Aunt Paulina appreciates his manly assets. 

In Horton Square, Aunt Paulina is flagging down Mayor Carver. Funny enough, she was looking for Abraham. 

At DiMera, Jake is pretty pleased with himself. He thinks he is doing a bang up job as the CEO. He is also high on Kate’s idea of taking over GabiChic’s store in Horton Square and making it the flagship of Basic Black. However, when Jake gloats about how Gabi looked when they lowered the hammer on her, Kate is none too pleased. She wants him to hush it about Gabi. 

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Side Note: At the end of that scenes, Jake looked like the cat who ate the Kate, er, um, the canary. 

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At the DiMera mansion, Anna is trying to convince Chad not to go down into the tunnels - Cut to Gwen screaming, begging Anna for help and reviewing how she got all tied up. Back to present day, where Anna distracts Chad with the shiny ball of another confession she needs to make. 

In the tunnels, Abigail and Gabi are trying to get Gwen to confess. Abigail holds a syringe with one of Rolf’s potions, but Gwen doesn’t think she has the guts to do it. She goes on about Abigail making Gabi do her dirty work. Gabriella Adriana Josephina Hernandez DiMera, who suffers no fools and does NO ONE’S dirty work, quickly sets Gwen straight.

Gwen doubles down and says she and Gabi are alike, but sweet Abigail would never do anything so vicious as to intentionally drug someone. Abigail calls Gwen’s bluff and plunges the needle down, but is stopped at the last second by Gabi. 

That’s how our day began in Salem. What did you think of the remainder of the episode? What stories are making you gasp in ecstasy or groan in agony? We want to hear from YOU! Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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