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General Hospital's Kirsten Storms Talks Maxie Believing Peter: "Love Is Blind"

Kirsten Storms

General Hospital fan favorite Maxie (Kirsten Storms) is finally beginning to realize that her fiancé Peter (Wes Ramsey) is no good. However, most of Port Charles has already known the truth about Mr. August for quite some time.

What's behind Maxie's continued support of Peter, despite all those red flags? Storms broke it down to Soap Opera Digest. She dished:

I would say that ‘love is blind’ is the best thing to explain that. I’ve been frustrated at times, too, and I’ve thought, ‘Maxie’s smarter than this, she would know something’s up here,’ and then I check myself and remember I was in a relationship not too long ago for several years with somebody who I continued to convince myself was one person and he was not. And I mean, that took me three years to figure out, so if Maxie can get it in under three years, she beats me! I know the fans don’t want to see her have the wool pulled over her eyes, but I think things will pan out to be okay.

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What would Storms like to see happen next in the fashionista's life? She said:

I would like to see — oh, this is [said] so selfishly, because I would just like to play it — I’d like to see Maxie get some revenge. I miss a little bit when Maxie was bad; I think it would be interesting to see a little bit of that come out, especially as an adult. Yeah, revenge would be sweet.