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Perkie's Observations: Elizabeth Blames Jason for Franco's Murder on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 10, 2021
Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Liz accuses Jason of killing Franco. Jordan has Jason taken to the police station. Jordan allows Liz a few more minutes to say goodbye before paramedics take over.

Peter checks in on Maxie. Peter denies all of Valentin's accusations and wants them to go ahead with the wedding. He wants to leave town together and says he's made sure the past can't touch him. After the shooting, Peter deletes his audio confession from Franco's phone.

Maxie questions what Peter's intentions are, but he says he wants them to start over again. Maxie takes her hand from his and says the man she loved never existed. Maxie says it was all an act and he almost got away with.

Joss checks in on Cameron, who tells her about Franco moving out and why he did it. Cameron's worried that Franco is giving up the fight to beat the tumor. He tries to call Franco, but only gets voicemail.

Laura updates Carly that the board blocked Cyrus' drug and worries he'll retaliate. Laura says they need to prepare for war. Carly reassures her that Jason is on top of it. Laura gets the call about Franco.

Anna complains to Valentin she should have known better and realized who Peter was long before now. Anna worries that Maxie is desperate to believe Peter and will stay with him.

Jordan questions Liz and asks if she saw Jason pull the trigger. Liz tells Jordan that Franco asked Jason to kill him.

Diane arrives to help Jason from the police questioning. Mac demands answers. Jason says he didn't kill Franco. Jordan takes over the questioning and asks Jason if he killed Franco, which Diane prevents him to answer.

Laura gets to the station and Jordan tells her Jason is a suspect, which surprises Laura. Scotty arrives and Laura tells him what happened to Franco.

Scotty storms into the interrogation room and goes after Jason. An officer pulls Scotty off. Laura begs Jason to tell her the truth and Jason says she knows him. Scotty warns Jason he's coming for him.

Lenny and Phyllis complain about their finances. Phyllis tries to pawn her wedding china, but Lenny refuses. Sonny offers the pawn man his wedding ring for a seat at the man's card game. (On a day where we have Paxie fall out and Franco's death, does anyone give two hoots about Sonny and this infernal storyline?)

Joss gets home and Carly tells her Franco was shot and killed, and she'll need to be there for Cameron. Joss makes the comparison to losing Sonny and how she's tired of missing those she loves. Carly says her children are what keep her going.

Liz tells Cameron that Franco is dead and Cameron loses it. When he's calm, he promises to help her tell the younger boys.

Mac gets back to the hospital and wants Peter away from Maxie. Peter leaves, but not before telling Maxie that they aren't done and their future is ahead of them. 

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