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Perkie's Observations: Cameron Seeks Closure on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 11, 2021
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Franco, General Hospital

Roger Howarth, William Lipton

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly complains to Jason that Liz shouldn't have blamed him for Franco's death. Carly worries that Jason will be railroaded and go to prison. She's angry with Jason for agreeing to the deal to kill him if necessary.

Jason says he didn't kill Franco, but he was there, and couldn't control the situation or protect himself. Jason says they need to focus on who did kill Franco and he believes it was Peter.

Jason explains how Franco was hearing Drew's voice, which implicated Peter. He believes Peter killed him to shut him up. Jason worries about any legal issues since he's also dealing with Cyrus.

Trina and Joss offer Cameron their condolences. The girls are concerned when Cameron tells them he believes Franco is still alive. Cameron thinks Franco faked his death to spare the family of a long drawn out death from his tumor. Cameron wants to break into the hospital to check on Franco's records. He shows them Liz's ID badge.

Terry's there to help Liz deal with things the day after. Liz searches for her missing ID badge. She tells Terry she needs to go to the hospital because that's where Franco's body is.

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Sam arrives to offer Liz her condolences and offers to help find out who killed Franco. Liz tells her that Jason killed him. Sam can't believe it, but Liz says she walked in on Jason standing over Franco's body.

Jackie stops by Anna's looking for Finn, but Anna says he didn't come home. Jackie and Anna discuss what happened. Anna admits she was blind to Peter's faults and she found excuses for his bad behavior. Anna says Finn is furious with her for lying and she can only blame herself.

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Lenny and Phyllis complain about money issues. Family friend Elijah stops by to discuss their finances while Sonny eavesdrops. Elijah offers to buy the bar, but the Caulfields aren't sure they want to sell. (Seriously is there anyone who cares about this story? I mean, it's actually hard to decide where to put it in the body of the recap since it's in own boring island!)

Chase asks Finn if things can be salvaged with Anna, but he's not sure. When Gregory shows up, Finn wonders if he's planning on telling Chase that he could be his father. Gregory feels they need to do what's best for Chase.

Gregory complains that he felt guilty all these years thinking he upset Finn with his marriage. Chase overhears them talking about secrets. Chase gets a call about Franco's death.

Finn decides he needs to see Liz. Chase picks up Finn's phone to hand it to him and sees the alert that the DNA results are in. Chase asks about it, but Finn tries to bluff his way out. Chase insists just as Jackie arrives and says Chase needs to know the whole truth.

Sam hunts down Jason at Carly's and wants the truth from him. Jason says he didn't kill Franco, but he found him at the studio.

Terry spots the teens and calls Liz to come and get Cameron.

Cameron isn't able to access the hospital records, so Trina and Joss create a diversion in the morgue for Cameron to check Franco's body. Franco's body is lying on the slab. Liz arrives and Cameron cries in her arms. 

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