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Perkie's Observations: Chase Clings to Daddy Gregory on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 12, 2021
Josh Swickard, Gregory Harrison

Josh Swickard, Gregory Harrison

On today's General Hospital recap: Finn and Gregory try to stop Jackie from telling Chase the truth, but she's determined. Finn admits he had a one night stand with Jackie. Chase realizes that this means Finn could be his father. Jackie says for all intents and purposes, he's Gregory's son.

Chase asks about the DNA test, and Finn and Jackie decide they should pick up the results. Chase gets angry and kicks them out, turning to his father for comfort. Chase tells Gregory the DNA results don't matter and Gregory is his father. Gregory says things are going to change and they need to be prepared.

Sonny joins the local poker game. (Nothing says riveting television quite like watching Sonny and 3 characters we don't know from a hole in the wall playing cards.) Of course, Sonny wins and the other player gets upset.

The Caulfields decide to sell the bar to Elijah, who has the papers drawn up faster than you can say, stupid storyline. Sonny returns from the game beaten up and with pockets full of cash. Lenny accepts the money and tells Elijah he's not selling.

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Willow tells Michael she's no longer upset by what Wiley said, but is angry with Nina. Willow admits it brought up sad memories of her late son. Michael explains he told Nina to take a step back, but Willow says they should have made that decision together. Michael apologizes and promises to include her moving forward.

Jason stops in to see Danny, who tells his father that Sam cries at night. Danny wants Jason to come home.

Jason tells Michael that Peter is responsible for Drew's death and he told Monica. He asks Michael to keep an eye on his grandmother. Jason tells Michael about Franco's death.

Valentin checks in on Nina, who's just found out about Franco's death. She asks about the wedding and Valentin updates her on the truth about Peter. He still feels guilty for giving Peter to Faison. Nina praises him for protecting Maxie. Valentin worries there's a target on Peter's back.

Valentin asks about Wiley and Nina tells him what happened. Nina swears she never meant to hurt Willow. Valentin offers to help Nina, but she says she's going to back off for now.

Valentin stops by with an offer for Michael.

Anna finds Peter at work and asks what he meant when he said the past was dead. She says Faison said that to her as well, and tells him not to end up like his father. Anna tells him to let Maxie go.

Peter accuses Anna of being like his father, which upsets her. Anna says he needs to face the truth about himself. Peter says he's tired of being nice and says he wished it was Anna who died and not Alex. Peter starts to tell Anna how he wants her to pay when Jason strolls in.

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