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Perkie's Observations: Anna Has Jason's Back on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 15, 2021
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Anna Devane, General Hospital

Finola Hughes

On today's General Hospital recap: Jason warns Peter to back off from Anna. Peter claims everyone is lying about him and there's no proof he did anything wrong. After Peter leaves, Jason and Anna check the office for anything incriminating. Anna tells Jason she's worried that Peter will turn into his father and become obsessed with Maxie.

Jason says Peter is good at covering his tracks and Anna is not solely to blame. Anna admits she took some information from the WSB file and kept it. She says Peter destroyed the records when she confronted him. Jason says they need to go forward and stop Peter.

Jason explains his deal with Franco and swears he didn't kill him. He says he thinks Peter killed Franco, so maybe they can get him for murder. Anna wants to know how they prove it. Anna says she won't let Jason take the fall for something Peter did.

Nina tells Ava about her visit with Wiley and the fallout from telling him that Willow isn't his mother. Ava disagrees with Nina's methods and points out that Carly will convince Michael to keep Wiley away. Nina wants to know how to get back in Michael's good graces.

Valentin tells Michael he wants to sign over Scout and Danny's shares to him for the majority of ELQ in exchange for Nina being allowed to see Wiley. Michael turns down the deal as someone watches them from outside.

Valentin advocates for Nina, but Michael feels Nina is too emotional right now. Valentin suggests they go to counseling and hopes he considers his options. Valentin heads over to tell Nina about his talk with Michael. He tells her to take a step back and let Michael come to her.

Previous General Hospital (GH) recap: Chase Clings to Daddy Gregory

Chase tells Willow about his paternity issues, and rants and raves about Finn and Jackie's actions. Chase mentions the DNA results and how he's not ready to face them. Chase puts all the blame on Finn's shoulders and hopes he's not Chase's father.

Willow reminds Chase that Finn was young when this happened. Chase just wants Gregory to remain his father and decides to head to the hospital. Willow offers to go with him.

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Alexis tells Sam that today is Neil's birthday, but she's getting through it without alcohol. After Sam leaves, Ned talks to Alexis. She asks if he and Olivia are back together. Ned says they're in limbo since he hurt Olivia.

Olivia and Dante drop by Maxie's to offer her company. Maxie says the man she loved wasn't Peter. Sam stops over with boxes to help pack up Peter's things. Maxie asks Dante if Peter will serve time for what he's done.

Dante says the PCPD is reopening the investigation into the attacks on Franco and Andre, and Drew's plane crash. Sam pushes Dante, who says Peter's had too much time to cover his tracks.

Olivia and Dante get to Kelly's and see Ned with Alexis. Ned asks Olivia if he has a chance to get her back. Alexis apologizes to Dante for the attack, but he forgives her. Dante says she needs to figure out why she lost it in the first place.

Gregory joins Finn and Jackie at the hospital to find out the DNA results. Chase and Willow arrive as Finn gets the results. Finn turns out to be Chase's father. (Crap. I was a huge fan of the Finn/Chase brotherhood, so of course the show had to ruin that for me.)

Chase promises Gregory he'll remain his father and tells Finn he will never see him as his father.

Brook Lynn comes into the Quartermaine mansion. It turns out she was the one hiding in the bushes. (Welcome back Amanda Setton!)

Peter shows up at the apartment and locks Maxie in. (Alright Maxie, I get that you're 334 months pregnant, but you're the daughter of a super spy, the step daughter of the chief of police, the god daughter of another super spy, and you were married to a cop. Take that Faison wannabe down!)

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