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Matthew Atkinson Talks Bond Between Thomas and Steffy: "Hope Is a Deflection"

Matthew Atkinson

Liam (Scott Clifton) is still torn on The Bold and the Beautiful between Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and Hope (Annika Noelle). But there's only on person Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) will always go to the mat for: his sister, Steffy. Atkinson stopped by James Lott, Jr.'s podcast The Bold and the Beautiful Rewind to explain why, even when he's dealing with Hope, Thomas will always have Steffy on his mind.

The actor delved deep into Thomas' psyche as the son of Ridge (Thorsten Kaye) and Taylor (Hunter Tylo). He dished:

There's one person who’s had his experience other than himself and that’s Steffy. And they’re both people that have been kind of traumatized and hurt from their history, especially with their parents, that they don’t allow themselves to go to that place of really connecting or talking about those issues but it’s something…

He added:

That’s why I love when I have scenes with Jacqui, because she sort of comes from the same place and when we have little scenes together, even when it has nothing to do with that, there’s this connection between these characters. Inseparable, like this brother and sister that have genuinely loved each other unconditionally since they were kids. But they also, they’ve gone through—they’ve been in the trenches together, in the same thing. It’s like they went through the same war together, and to get to the place that they’re in now... Obviously not comparing war to what they’re experiencing, but you know what I mean. 

Even when Thomas is chatting with or about Hope, on some level, it's about Steffy. Atkinson noted:

Even if I'm talking about Hope, Hope is a deflection. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t love Hope, because he does, but Hope is a lot of times a deflection. Like, I can talk about Hope. I can talk about how you [Liam] hurt Hope. It’s really hard for me to talk about you hurting Steffy, because you hurting Steffy makes me want to literally wring your throat. It makes me want to beat you senseless.

Listen to the full interview below; the Thomas-Steffy bond discussion starts at 47 minutes.