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Perkie's Observations: Zander Advises Cameron to Let Go of His Anger on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 16, 2021
Chad Brannon, William Lipton

Chad Brannon, William Lipton

On today's General Hospital recap: Michael is thrilled to see Brook Lynn, but shocked when she shows him her pregnant belly. Brook Lynn's not big on details of the baby daddy, but offers Michael her condolences on Sonny's death.

Maxie's not happy to see Peter, but he reassures her that she's safe with him. Maxie tells him to give her his key and leave, but Peter says they're joined forever. (Creepy stalker much?). Maxie says they don't have a future, but Peter says they have to provide a happy home for their child.

Peter continues to deny all allegations against him from everyone and promises he killed his past. Maxie questions the wording of the sentence, but he brushes it off. Peter says he's all about Maxie and the baby, starting today. Maxie says he was never honest with her and he'll have no part in her or the baby's life.

Peter warns Maxie that she knows better than to keep him from his child. He's certain she'll come to her senses. Maxie decides she needs time to think about things. Peter says he's keeping the key. (Maxie looks like she's never heard the word locksmith.) After he leaves, Maxie promises her baby she'll never share her.

Alexis tells her daughters she will change her plea to guilty at her next hearing. Alexis says she needs to do it because if she doesn't face what she's done, she'll start drinking again. Molly still wants Alexis to plead not guilty for more leniency.

Valentin drops over and agrees Alexis needs to plead guilty. The girls disagree, but Valentin says Alexis has to confront what she's done and Alexis agrees. Sam and Molly worry that Alexis won't have a support system for her alcoholism in Pentonville.

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Cameron heads to the cemetery to talk to his father Zander's grave. Celestial Zander makes his presence known to Cameron. Cameron blames his father for every bad thing that's happened to him. Zander tells him to learn from his mistakes, but Cameron's too angry to listen. Zander tells him not to let the anger in, but Cameron feels this advice is too little too late.

Trina and Joss find Cameron at Zander's grave. Cameron says he doesn't need them, but Joss tells him to let them help him.

Sasha checks in on Brando, who's releasing himself from the hospital. (Hey remember the dropped storyline of Jason shooting Brando in the leg to stop him from looking for Florence? Yeah, took me a minute too!) Cyrus interrupts a moment between them and is glad to have Brando back at work.

Gladys shows up, worried about her son. Brando is less than happy to see his mother. Brando accuses his mother of telling Cyrus that Dev wasn't his son. Brando warns her about getting too close to Cyrus. Gladys tells Brando she's sticking around to take care of him.

Michael and Brook Lynn get caught up on the goings on in the Quartermaine house. Michael brings up Valentin and his offer to give Michael control of ELQ. Michael mentions the baby again, but Brook Lynn is not talking. Michael says he knows that Valentin is the father. Brook Lynn admits the truth, but says she may not tell Valentin about it. Michael warns her she's being reckless. 

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