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Sneak Peek: Tamron Hall Talks With Michelle Obama About New Netflix Series and More

Tamron and Michelle Obama

Former First Lady Michelle Obama is gearing up to make her first appearance on The Tamron Hall Show. Obama talks with Hall about sticking with her commitment to the health and fitness of children she started while in the White House, her new project, "The Partnership For A Healthier America,” to help feed one million families who have been affected by the pandemic, gives some advice to Hall on how she can get her son Moses to eat his veggies, and also discusses her new Netflix series, Waffles + Mochi. 

How did FLOTUS become part of the series? Obama told Hall,

Well, it was about a year ago that the co-creators, Erika Thormahlen and Jeremy Konner, came to me, Jeremy is a co-creator for Drunk History, so he brought the humor, and Erika is an early childhood educator. She brought the knowledge and the understanding about how you need to talk to kids. Jeremy was a parent of a young child just like you, and they both came and said, ‘We want programming that not just kids will love but parents will love.’ And I thought, this is it. This is the brought the humor, the funny, the color, the energy, Waffles + Mochi are just irresistible. So, I kind of had a hint that this was gonna be a hit because as a parent, I would have wanted to have this when my kids were younger, I would have wanted to have a Waffles + Mochi series, so it was easy to say yes to this one.

Hear how Obama's childhood inspired Waffles + Mochi below.

Hall's interview with Obama aires Tues. March 23 click here for times in your area.