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Perkie's Observations: Liz Vows to Make Jason Pay on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 17, 2021
Rebecca Herbst

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Ava hosts Franco's memorial at the gallery. Ava tells Nikolas she wishes people would see the Franco who tried to redeem himself.

Laura offers Liz help to get the boys ready for the memorial. Scotty stops by and talks to Laura about his memories of Franco. Aiden wants to eulogize Franco, but can't think of the right words. Jake reads the speech he has for Franco.

Liz complains to Laura about Jason and how she believes he killed Franco. She promises she'll make sure Jason pays for it.

Jordan runs into TJ and Curtis going out for lunch. Curtis mentions he bought a nightclub. Jordan thinks it's a good idea.

Sam tells Dante that Alexis has decided to plead guilty and she doesn't think it's a good idea. Dante thinks if Alexis shows remorse she might get a lesser sentence. Franco's murder comes up. Sam insists that Jason didn't kill Franco because he told her that he didn't.

Joss wonders if Carly's upset she'll be attending the memorial. She swears she's going to support Cameron. After Joss leaves, Carly gets upset that Sonny is dead and takes it out on Jason. Jason tells her it will take time to heal, but Carly goes on about how she needs to be strong. Jason says she doesn't have to do this alone. (Ok, who's putting money on a week from next Tuesday for the Jarly grief sex?)

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Cyrus confronts Peter at the cemetery and says he wants to work with him to solve a common problem named Jason. Cyrus says they can both get rid of a nuisance and Peter agrees to whatever deal they make.

At the memorial, Joss offers her condolences to Nina. She adds that she's sorry that Nina and her father broke up.

Nina tells Liesl about Nelle being her daughter and losing Jax because of his lies. Nina's upset about Nelle's terrible lot in life. Liesl says Nelle was not a good person and was fleeing from the law when she died.

Liesl mentions how she helped Nelle deliver her baby and tells her the story. Nina mentions her issues with Wiley and Carly, and tells Liesl she needs to leave town for a bit.

Nina tells Ava she's leaving town to clear her head.

Liesl asks Laura if Peter has been arrested, but Laura says there's no proof against Peter. Liesl decides she needs to take matters into her own hands and calls Dante to meet her. Liesl meets with Dante and tells him that it's time to finally take care of Peter.

Laura updates Nikolas and Ava of Liz's accusations against Jason, but says there's no proof of that either.

Scotty and the Webbers head out to the memorial. Ava has created an exhibit of Franco's patients' paintings. Liz finds it a wonderful tribute.

Jordan stops by Carly's to place Jason under arrest. 

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