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Maurice Benard Explains Why He's Enjoying Playing General Hospital's "Mike"

Maurice Benard

Maurice Benard is having a ball playing an amnesiac Sonny (AKA "Mike") on General Hospital. The actor explained to Soap Opera Digest how he's tackling this unique challenge.

He dished of the storyline:

I’m into it! I’m having fun. I am having fun playing this kind of subtle difference [between the characters] and I love the two people I work with, Joyce [Guy, Phyllis] and Rif [Hutton, Lenny]. I did some stuff with them yesterday that was really fun. They always bring good actors in and I love that; it makes a big difference. I’m cool with the story, but if these two actors I was working with were not good, it would be a different story.

How does Sonny compare to Mike? The Emmy winner noted:

When I play different characters — especially now that I’m older and I think I’ve learned more — it’s always about energy, and also about something physical. So I always keep my hands in my pockets when I play this character. I don’t stand like Sonny. And I wanted to make this character more like me, without that other thing of the darker side, the tough guy side.

Benard continued:

Now, obviously, you’ve seen that when you piss Mike off, he becomes The Hulk! And that’s fun, because I get to be bigger than Sonny would be, with the anger and craziness. I want to play like there’s an animal inside of me. But the subtlety is that his energy is different, he talks a little different, and he smiles! He smiles a lot more, he laughs. So it’s me; I play a little more me and there’s a difference from Sonny.