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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Puts a Price on Peter's Head on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 18, 2021
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Dr. Liesl Obrecht, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Dominic Zamprogna

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly's upset when Jason's taken to the PCPD for questioning. She yells at Jordan as though she has any say in what's going on. Diane arrives and is annoyed by Carly's presence. She believes Jordan has something on Jason and they need to find out what it is.

Jason says it's not a good time for him to be arrested, but Diane says it's likely he'll be held without bail. Jordan returns with the murder weapon that killed Franco. Jason says he's never seen it before, but Jordan says there is an eyewitness who saw him with it.

Carly and Diane complain that Liz didn't see Jason with a gun and they were together until paramedics came. Jordan says Jason went into the hall to call 911, which is enough time to dump the gun in a garbage chute. She says someone saw him dump it. Carly reiterates that Liz couldn't have seen Jason dump any gun, but Jordan says Liz isn't the eyewitness.

Gladys complains to Brando about Carly, then makes cryptic remarks about the things she's done to protect him. There's a flashback of Gladys telling Jordan that she saw Jason dump the gun in a garbage chute. This is clearly what she and Cyrus were conspiring about yesterday.

Liesl meets with Dante and tells him that Peter is a danger and the WSB wants him dealt with. Liesl clicks the pen and tells Dante he has to assassinate Peter. Liesl tells Dante he will lure Peter by pretending to be Maxie. She gives him a gun to kill Peter with and repeats that he must complete the mission.

Sam and Peter argue back and forth, and he needles her about Alexis' issues and Jason's arrest. Sam doesn't believe that Jason killed Franco. Peter gets the text from "Maxie's" phone, which surprises Sam. After Peter heads out to meet Maxie, Sam tries to reach her. (Ten bucks says she shows up and inadvertently stops Dante from killing him.)

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Valentin checks in with Britt on Maxie's condition, but she's not forthcoming. Britt warns Valentin that Peter will come after him for his betrayal. Valentin's not worried, but Britt says he double crossed Peter. Valentin says Peter is a lost cause, which angers Britt, causing her hand to shake. Britt bangs her hand down, hurting it, which Valentin sees. Britt warns Valentin again that Peter will come after him through those he loves, and he needs to stop Peter.

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Olivia is shocked to find a pregnant Brook Lynn at the mansion and figures out that Valentin is the father. She tells Brook Lynn that Valentin can never know. Brook Lynn asks Olivia not tell Ned about the pregnancy.

Chase looks to Willow for comfort. She thinks it's time for Chase and Finn to talk. Chase doesn't want to hurt Gregory's feelings if he moves toward Finn. He wants to wait for Finn to make the first move, but Willow says the longer he waits to deal with it, the harder it will be.

Violet is thrilled to run into Anna and wants everyone to go home and be a happy family. After Violet leaves, Anna says she loves and misses both Finn and Violet. She wants Finn to come home to sort this out. 

Finn's concerned about her work, but Anna says Violet and Finn are what's important now. Finn says Anna shuts him out too often. Anna says she doesn't mean to do it, but it's a reflex. Finn says they need to be honest with each other, then maybe they can move forward.

Anna says she can't promise not to lie because there are things that could put him and Violet at risk. She says there will be times she will need to turn to another professionals to keep Finn safe. Finn says she put Violet at risk by lying about Peter. He thinks they need to take some time apart.

Jax finds Nina at the gallery. Jax apologizes for lying to her and how things turned out. Jax believes they're worth fighting for. Nina tells Valentin she's going away for a while. Valentin runs into Brook Lynn.

Peter shows up at the cemetery to meet Maxie, only to find Dante waiting for him.

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