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Perkie's Observations: Sam Saves Dante From Killing Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 19, 2021
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Samantha McCall, General Hospital

Kelly Monaco

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly brings it upon herself to tell Liz that Jason was arrested for Franco's murder. Liz doesn't want an argument, but Carly wants to go over what Liz saw that night. Carly points out that Liz didn't see Jason with a gun, though Liz counters Jason always has his gun on him.

Liz is certain that Jason followed up on Franco's original plan to kill him even though he wasn't a threat. Carly points out that if Jason had killed Franco there would be no body and no evidence. Carly adds that Jason wouldn't have done that to Liz or Jake.

Carly continues to push, but Liz says she won't talk Liz into changing her statement. Carly says a witness saw Jason drop the gun, but she believes it's a set up. Carly says Liz refuses to see it since she's determined to blame Jason. Carly says Liz is helping the real killer get away with it.

Chase apologizes to Finn for storming off after hearing the results. Finn says he wants to repeat the test since the hospital lab isn't always right. (Had quite the chuckle at this line since that's what we fans are always saying!!) Chase agrees to it and Finn promises Gregory will always be his father. Finn says it doesn't have to change their relationship, but Chase isn't sure how to deal with Finn as a father.

Cyrus wants a talk with Jackie about his mother, but Robert interrupts and warns Cyrus off. Robert and Jackie discuss what happened with Chase and Finn. Jackie's upset at the mess she's made and Robert offers to be there when she needs him.

Ned thinks Olivia wants to talk about their marriage, but she says she asked him over to discuss Brook Lynn. Ned is surprised to hear that BLQ is back in town. Olivia says Brook Lynn has a secret and offers to let him move back in so he can discuss it with her.

Ned asks about his relationship with Olivia, but she says they've changed over the course of their marriage. Olivia says she wants more and Ned thinks it has to do with the time she spent with Robert. Ned understands he might be holding her back.

Valentin's happy to see Brook Lynn and says there may be a spot for her at Deception. Brook Lynn tries to blow him off and when Valentin asks him why, she shows him the baby bump. Valentin offers to step up for her, though Brook Lynn doesn't want anything from him. Valentin says he's going to be the baby's father, but she says things will be done on her terms.

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Sam finds out from Spinelli that Maxie is with him and she didn't text Peter to meet up.

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Dante pulls the gun on Peter to complete the mission. Peter's confused, but Dante says he's a threat to Maxie. (For the love of all that is holy, pull the effin' trigger and put us all out of our misery!)

Sam arrives in time to stop Dante. (Why, Sam, why?) Dante says he needs to protect Maxie and has to complete the mission. Sam says Peter's justice is to go to prison and for Dante not to throw his life away over Peter.

Sam gets through Dante's conditioning and takes the gun. Peter declares that Dante won't get away with almost killing him.

Sam questions Dante, who doesn't understand why he felt the need to eliminate Peter. Dante's upset because he thought he was recovered and this means that he isn't. Sam offers to get him some help and takes him to see Kevin.

Mike tells Phyllis about the poker game and how he lost the second time, but he wasn't able to get his rings back. Blah, blah, blah, Sonny doesn't remember any family and is determined not to worry about it.

Brook Lynn gets home and Ned is shocked to see she's pregnant. Ned asks about the father and is less than amused to find out the baby daddy is Valentin.

Finn, Chase, and Jackie get an alert on their phone from The Invader about Chase's paternity. Chase is upset with Jackie and storms out. Jackie worries, but Finn says they need to give Chase time. Jackie blames Finn for wanting the test in the first place.

Cyrus runs into Peter, who wants to be certain the eyewitness will hold up. Cyrus promises he'll keep his end of their bargain up and is thankful to Peter for posting the Chase scandal in The Invader. A flashback shows Cyrus telling someone they need to have the proper results of the DNA test.

Nina shows up at the Tan-O to see Phyllis.

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