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Brad Bell Looks Back on The Bold and Beautiful's Highs for 34th Anniversary

Brad Bell

The Bold and the Beautiful showrunner Brad Bell is celebrating 34 years of the CBS soap. The show debuted on March 23, 1987, and is still going strong. Bell opened up to TV Insider about B&B's rise to prominence and what's to come for the Forresters and friends.

At what point did B&B cement itself as a major daytime player? Bell reflected:

It’s hard to pinpoint a time as we’ve been the only half-hour series on the air for so long. We felt we were the odd man out, blazing a trail all our own. Going way back, I suppose the first Sheila [Kimberlin Brown] crossover from The Young and the Restless in 1992. The ratings popped, bringing us to the No. 2 spot. We’d remained a strong contender before then, but that moment was a big one. That elevated us in the ratings to a point that showed we were here to stay.

Memorably, B&B hit number one in the ratings last March. Bell said of the milestone:

We hit No. 1 in key demos prior to that during a climax of the baby Beth storyline when Liam [Scott Clifton] and [Hope, Annika Noelle] were reunited with their baby. We took over the top spot in the soaps for being No. 1 in the overall ratings. It was one week, and now we’re staying tight to Y&R, which is always good. It was a thrill to see it on paper to be the top-rated show not only in the world but in the United States as well.

B&B is also known for its family rivalries. Can we expect more? Bell teased:

We’re building up the Paris [Diamond White] and Zoe [Kiara Barnes] dynamic. They’re going to get mixed up with some of the longer-term characters. We have great story unfolding there.