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Perkie's Observations: Nina Reaches Out to Carly About Sonny on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 23, 2021
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Nina Reeves, General Hospital

Cynthia Watros

On today's General Hospital recap: Sonny thinks he knows Nina and mentions the dreams he's been having and asks if they've met before. Nina is confused at Sonny's confusion and is even more surprised when Phyllis calls him Mike. 

Nina questions Phyllis who explains that Sonny almost drowned and has amnesia. Phyllis explains about the watch with Mike's name on it. She says Sonny's lack of memory could remain that way forever unless someone can fill in the blanks for him. Phyllis worries that it will be too much for Mike right now.

Liz tells Laura that Jason was arrested. Laura says Carly will fight to exonerate Jason, which Cameron overhears. He declares he'll find someone who'll make Jason pay. Liz says they have to follow the law, but Cameron doesn't want Franco's killer to get away with it. Laura's determined to help Cameron through this.

Portia checks in on Curtis and his new nightclub. He's surprised to see Trina with her. Trina stills feels badly about the way she treated Curtis, but he reassures her that he doesn't expect her to get over it quickly. Trina admits she was wrong and apologizes. Curtis admires her courage and asks to start over.

Ned says he knows Brook Lynn's planning on using her baby to get Valentin to give up ELQ. Brook Lynn says she loves her baby, but also loves her family and figures if she can use the baby, she will.

Ned tells Brook Lynn he turned into a ruthless man like his grandfather and using her child as a pawn is not a good idea. He says she doesn't have to prove herself to him. Ned tells her not to turn his grandchild into a bargaining chip.

Ned says he doesn't want her to make the same mistakes he made, but she says her mind is made up. Brook Lynn says Valentin has been a good father to Charlotte and wants them all to make this work.

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Valentin tells Martin he's going to be a father again and wants Martin to make sure no one keeps him out of his child's life. Valentin wants Martin to charm Brook Lynn and convince her it's in her best interest to keep Valentin involved. Martin tells him to leave the lawyers out of it and work it out amicably.

Valentin stops by the mansion to talk to Brook Lynn. He tells her he respects her decisions with the pregnancy and will follow her lead on everything.

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Carly tells Jax to find Nina, but he doesn't know where she could have gone. Ava overhears and says Nina is done with Jax. Ava says she knows Carly is upset with Nina and is trying to keep her out of Wiley's life. Carly puts it on Millow's shoulders, but Ava says Carly is the one always pulling the strings.

Ava says she's allowed Carly in Avery's life and wants Carly to do the same for Nina and Wiley. Ava says Carly drove Nina out of town. Ava says she talked Nina out of taking Carly to court. She believes Nina has rights as the biological grandparent and confirms it with Martin. Ava tells Carly she'll convince Nina to take legal action.

Finn stops in to check up on Liz. He tells her that he and Anna are finished and explains what's happening with Chase's paternity.

Laura brings Cameron to speak with Curtis. Cameron says he wants help in making sure Jason pays for killing Franco. Curtis says he gave up his PI license when he bought the club. Curtis tells Cameron not to spend his life angry, but Cameron's upset he didn't even get to say goodbye.

Cameron starts to storm out, but Trina calls for him to stop. She tells him to express himself another way. Laura calls Liz to join them and Cameron sings a tribute to Franco.

Nina talks to Sonny and tells him she's not the blonde woman from his dreams, then calls Carly to tell her something important. (Ten bucks says Carly is going to turn on the bitchiness and Nina will change her mind about saying anything.) 

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