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Perkie's Observations: Robert Sends Up Red Flags to Maxie on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 22, 2021
Tristan Rogers

Tristan Rogers

Phyllis is thrilled to see Nina, who says she's on a road trip and decided to just pop in. Nina updates Phyllis on what happened between Carly and Nelle the night she died. Nina complains that Carly will always come first to Jax.

Nina admits she feels badly for hurting Willow, but Carly turned it around on her and she's tired of her winning all the time. Phyllis thinks they need time to cool off and offers Nina place to stay, but she turns her down.

Ned and Brook Lynn discuss Valentin's involvement in her baby's life. Brook Lynn tells him she has a plan when it comes to Valentin and he has to trust her.

Chase looks for Willow, but finds Michael instead. Chase talks to him about his paternal issues. When Chase hears Brook Lynn is back he says hello, but is shocked to see the baby bump. The two talk about Chase's relationship with Willow and her feelings about Michael.

Chase asks about the baby and Brook Lynn admits she's not sure what kind of mother she'll be. Chase wonders if she's going to give up the baby for adoption.

Michael tells Ned that Valentin offered him Scout and Danny's shares, but that he turned him down. Ned gets angry and points out they could have regained control, but Michael says he's not using his child as leverage. Ned figures out that Brook Lynn is going to use the baby to get Valentin to give back ELQ.

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Jax tells Carly about his talk with Nina. Valentin overhears and tells them it pushed Nina out of town. Valentin tells them Jason was arrested. Jax asks Carly if he's guilty, but Carly claims Jason didn't do it because it was too messy. Carly has to believe in Jason's innocence because she can't lose him too. Jax promises she still has him and the rest of the family. Jax promises to help her rebuild her life.

Olivia admits to Robert that Ned is threatened by their friendship. Valentin interrupts to talk to Olivia about Brook Lynn. Valentin says he wants to be in his child's life and his involvement is in Brook Lynn's best interest. Valentin brings up Olivia's baby daddies and their interest in their sons. Valentin says he's a better man than Julian was, but Olivia wants him to prove it. Valentin says Charlotte is the proof.

Britt drops by to check on Maxie and the two discuss Peter and his need to keep Maxie in his life. Peter shows up and insists Maxie let him in, but Britt wants him to leave. Peter insists he needs to talk to Maxie about Dante, so she lets him in.

Peter tells them that Dante attacked him with a gun and Sam stopped it. Britt wonders why Peter didn't call the police, but Peter says he was worried that Dante would have hurt Maxie. Britt and Peter argue until Robert shows up to tell Heinrich to take a hike.

Peter reluctantly leaves for Maxie's sake. Robert questions why Maxie let him in. Robert says Peter is dangerous and Maxie promises she's not getting back together with him. Maxie says she's playing along, but Robert warns her.

Peter interrupts Valentin and Olivia to rant about how Valentin's to blame for Maxie turning away from him. Peter yells at Olivia that Dante came after him with a gun. Olivia heads out to find Dante. Valentin compares Peter to his father, which makes Peter angry. Valentin tells Peter to take responsibility for what he's become.

Nina thanks Phyllis for her time and heads out. Nina accidentally leaves her passport behind and returns to get it. Nina and Sonny come face to face.