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'Guiding Light' Episode Entered into National Recording Registry

Guiding Light

A radio episode of Guiding Light has been entered into the National Recording Registry. Per The Hollywood Reporter, Librarian of Congress Carla Hayden has added iconic audio recordings into the NRR for its significance to America's sound heritage. GL appears along albums from Janet Jackson and Nas, Kermit the Frog "The Rainbow Connection," and a recording of Thomas Edison's voice. 

The episode in question aired on Nov. 22, 1945. Here's the LoC's description of the iconic show:

The Guiding Light was the longest-running scripted program in broadcast history, running from 1937 until 2009 on radio and television. The program was notable as an archetype of the highly populated radio "soap opera" genre and as a breakthrough success of the innovative and prolific scriptwriter, Irna Phillips, whom many credit with inventing the genre. Although the later TV series revolved around the Bauer family, the original radio version focused on the Rev. John Ruthledge [Arthur Peterson, Jr.] and his congregation in the fictional community of Five Points. Ruthledge's reading lamp, visible to all who passed his house, was the program's namesake. Of the show's hundreds of episodes, the registry adds this installment aired on the first Thanksgiving after the conclusion of World War II. With Ruthledge still serving overseas as a chaplain, his friend, the Rev. Dr. Frank Tuttle, gives a moving sermon to a packed church.

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