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Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina Decides Not to Mess With Perfection (WATCH)

Days of Our Lives Recap for March 24, 2021
Paulina Price, Days of Our  Lives

Jackée Harry

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: Eli is fooling with the babies before the christening when Lani walks in looking lovely. She also begins to fuss over their babies, but then decides Eli is better choice for the fussing. Abe interrupts their private moment when he arrives to accompany them to the church. 

Across town, Paulina is admiring herself in the mirror and decides not to mess with perfection. Valerie arrives and is glad she caught Paulina before she left. She needs to talk to her.

In Horton Square, Theo runs into Claire. He has a bouquet of flowers for Ciara. Claire explains how she went to the hospital the day before and was brutally rebuffed!

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At Casa de Reformed Serial Killer, Ben is lamenting about his memory-lapsed bride. Just then, Jake comes a-knockin'. He wants to know why in the world Ben isn’t at the hospital with his beloved. Ben explains how he was also brutally rebuffed. 

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Meanwhile, Ciara is laid up in her hospital bed dreaming of a flashback. She’s remembering how a serial killer tried to explain that he loves her and wouldn’t hurt her. She awakens and wonders aloud to the air how in the world Ben could think she loves him. 

That’s how our day began in Salem. What are you thinking of the christening? What about the plight of young tortured lovers, Ben and Ciara? Watch the video and sound off in the comments below!

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