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Perkie's Observations: Carly Digs Her Grave With Nina on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 24, 2021
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Carly Corinthos, General Hospital

Laura Wright

On today's General Hospital recap: Nina calls Carly to tell her about Sonny, but Carly opens her giant mouth and warns Nina if she takes legal action, she'll never see Wiley again. Carly lays on the bitchiness to the point where Nina decides not to tell her about Sonny. Nina angrily tells Carly she made her bed and will now lie in it alone.

Sonny sees that Nina is upset and she tells "Mike" about her past with Nelle and how she wishes she could have done things differently. Sonny tells her to live her life in the moment. Nina explains how the woman on the phone wants to keep her from her grandson. Sonny's comeback is to keep that woman from someone she loves, which Nina agrees with.

Carly tells Michael about Nina's call and how she told her that Diane will come at her if she guns for Wiley. Carly tells Michael about what Nina said and how it felt like a threat. Carly says Nina isn't in a good place and shouldn't be around Wiley. Carly says they need to fight Nina.

Taggert's back(!) and Jordan tells him to reconsider his guilty plea. Taggert says he needs to protect Trina, but Jordan says Cyrus doesn't have power over them. She explains about Florence and tells Taggert to change his plea.

Trina thanks Curtis for telling Cameron to channel his grief in something other than anger. She says she understands why Taggert faked his death and is ready to forgive him. 

Portia asks about Jordan, but Curtis says they're in limbo. He feels like he never knew who Jordan was. Portia understands since she went through the same thing with Taggert. Portia talks about their past and apologizes for lying to Curtis years ago. She says he can trust her now.

Trina heads to the station to see Taggert, who wonders why she's changed her mind about him. Trina explains how Cameron lost Franco and how she's lucky to still have Taggert in her life. Trina's upset that Jordan hasn't allowed her to see him, but Taggert says that's on him. Taggert says he's decided to plead not guilty and take a chance on the jury.

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Valentin tells Anna he's going to be a father again and explains about his one night with Brook Lynn. Talk turns to Peter and Valentin tells Anna about Peter's obsession with all things Maxie. Anna continues to blame herself and Valentin says he's there for her if she needs it. 

Valentin tells Charlotte she's going to have a baby brother or sister, and she's less than thrilled. Charlotte doesn't want to share her father. Valentin says he can't love anyone like he loves her. 

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Anna tells Jordan she and Finn are done, and Jordan mentions her problems with Curtis. Anna says she needs to help Maxie with Peter. Jordan says she's reopened the investigations into the attacks on Andre and Drew's plane crash. Anna asks Jordan to look into Franco's murder. She doesn't believe Jason did it and says Peter is good at framing people.

Maxie runs into Brook Lynn and is surprised at the pregnancy bump. (How stupid BL looks like she's ready to pop when she only slept with Valentin in October but Maxie, who's due any time actually looks smaller. Someone mixed up the baby bump props.)

The two make small talk about Lulu and their baby daddies. Britt mentions the Lamaze class she's joining with Maxie and tells Brook Lynn she should join up as well.

Lucas (who?!) finds Felix getting ready to run the Lamaze class and offers to take him out for a drink after. Lucas interrupts the Maxie/Brook Lynn reunion, and Maxie suggests that Lucas be Brook Lynn's birthing coach.

Peter shows up at the last minute and tries to dismiss Britt, who's having none of it. Britt tells Peter that he needs to leave Maxie alone, but he says he has rights to his baby. Britt says stalking Maxie won't work and he needs to respect Maxie's feelings. 

Britt tells Maxie she got rid of Peter, but they need to stop stringing him along and letting him believe he still has a chance with her. Maxie says not to worry, that she has a plan. Maxie says Peter won't know what hit him. 

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