Erica Pelosini Leeman Shares Style Inspiration for The Bold and the Beautiful Stars

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The Bold and the Beautiful's executive fashion consultant Erica Pelosini is styling the show's stars in the chicest labels. She discussed her creative vision for B&B's characters in a chat with Soap Opera Digest.

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What is Pelosini's vision for Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang)? She stated:

She’s such a fabulous woman. First of all, she looks amazing in everything. I love seeing her in power suits. We’ve been using a lot of Tom Ford power suits; they fit her really nice. We’ve also been using a lot of Chanel jackets. If she wears a Chanel jacket, maybe I’ll put her with some really skinny pants or a short skirt. She always likes high heels, the higher the better. She loves her Saint Laurent heels a lot.

Laid-back Liam's (Scott Clifton) attitude is reflected in his clothing. Pelosini described:

Liam likes to be the guy next door. Super- simple. If I show him a denim jacket, he is the happiest person. So, I dress him a lot in RRL, the Ralph Lauren vintage brand. He loves it. But sometimes, also some Topshop or H&M. Very easy but mix and match, sometimes some Brunello Cucinelli, as well, for his work look.”

What about model Zoe (Kiara Barnes)? She dished:

She’s another one who’s very fun. I like to dress her a little bit fun and fashionable, so I dress her a lot in Gucci. She does some Saint Laurent, Miu Miu, Fendi. Very fashionable brands. But again, I mix and match. Sometimes, she’s wearing some Zara pieces with some Gucci accessories, so it’s high/ low.