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Perkie's Observations: Britt and Sam Put Their Heads Together For Jason on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 26, 2021
Steve Burton

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Taggert gets a new roommate in lockup . . . Jason, who says he was arrested for Franco's murder. Taggert's taken away to his sentencing hearing.

Britt is surprised to get an Invader alert with the news about Jason. Britt heads to the station and Jason tells her that Peter framed him for Franco's murder. Britt worries because Peter was raised by Faison and has learned all the dirty tricks.

Britt complains to Jason that he's not worried enough and her life is on the line if Cyrus finds out she's been working with him. Jason notices her hand shaking and reaches out to hold it and calm her down.

Sam joins Olivia to wait for results of Dante's psychiatric evaluation with Kevin. Olivia doesn't understand why Dante went after Peter. Sam reassures Olivia that Kevin will get to the root of Dante's problems.

Dante finishes his session with Kevin (don't you just love all the things that happen in offscreen land?) and discusses it with Anna. Dante admits that it's weird how he had no control. Anna blames Dr. Kirk for the programing.

Anna explains to Olivia and Sam that Kevin has now removed Dr. Kirk's triggers. Dante thanks Sam for stopping him from killing Peter. Sam gets the Invader alert about Jason's arrest and heads out. Olivia questions whether Dr. Kirk was working with anyone else. Anna is certain he wasn't, though she gets a look like she's considering it.

Sonny and Nina make small talk. She asks if he would want to know the man he was. Sonny admits he might not want to know the answers because things are good where he is now. Phyllis talks about the break-ins and financial struggles.

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Sonny says Nina owns a magazine. He adds that she could write an article about their town to bring people to the area to spend money. Nina says she's on a leave right now, but Sonny calls her on it. Sonny says Phyllis dropped everything for Nina and maybe she can do the same. Nina decides to stay and write the article to help out.

Michael and Sasha discuss the issues with Nina and Wiley. Michael feels badly that he didn't involve Willow in his decision to cut Nina off. Sasha says she feels badly for Nina.

Brando questions Gladys about her eyewitness testimony, but she insists she saw Jason dump the gun. The two bump into Michael and Sasha, and Gladys offers her condolences on Sonny's death. Brando takes Michael aside and tells him Gladys is the eyewitness.

Carly complains to Diane they don't know who the eyewitness is. Cyrus interrupts to crow about Jason's arrest. Cyrus wonders who's running things with Jason out of commission, and thinks Carly has some power. Cyrus says he wonders what will happen if Jason doesn't make it to the meeting of the Five Families. Cyrus says he'll attend and reassure the other families.

Michael calls Carly to let her know about Gladys. Carly accuses Cyrus of orchestrating it, though he denies it. Cyrus says if his mother were to be returned to him, then it's possible for Gladys to recant her story.

Laura wants to get to know Martin a little better. Martin talks about his mother and is sad that he won't be spending Easter with her. Laura offers to have him join her for the holidays. Martin talks about his past relationships, his parents, and growing up with Cyrus.

Sam pays Jason a visit as Britt leaves. Jason tells her Peter is framing him and getting out of this mess will not be easy.

Britt and Sam discuss Jason's arrest and both believe Peter was responsible. Sam worries that Maxie's in danger.

Carly stops by the station to tell Jason that she's getting him out, no matter what it takes.