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Perkie's Observations: Liz Lunges For Peter on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 29, 2021
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Elizabeth Webber, General Hospital

Rebecca Herbst

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly tells Jason that in exchange for Florence, Cyrus will make the eyewitness go away. Jason doesn't want to make a deal and give up his leverage. Carly tells him that Gladys is the witness. Jason says Gladys will make a terrible witness, but wonders if she was actually there that night. Jason believes Gladys saw Peter ditch the gun. Carly doesn't know what to do with Jason on the inside. Jason says she has an ally on the outside.

Cyrus joins Laura and Martin's dinner, which does not sit well with them. Cyrus talks about his mother and realizes that Martin may know something. Cyrus figures out that Martin knows where Florence is. Martin admits he's seen their mother and she's fine.

Cyrus insists on knowing their mother's whereabouts, but Martin says she was moved to a new location and he has no idea where. Laura sticks up for Martin, but Cyrus wants her to know that Martin isn't a saint. Cyrus says Martin helped Julian escape after the bombing, which upsets Laura.

Martin says he didn't lie, even though he didn't tell her the full truth. Cyrus claims he's more honest than his brother before storming off. Laura retracts her invitation to have Martin celebrate Easter with her.

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Trina heads to the courthouse for Taggert's hearing and begs him to change his plea. Trina's upset that her father could end up in prison. The judge questions Taggert's guilty plea and he says he's changing his plea to not guilty. The judge calls a recess.

Cameron tells Curtis he needs a social presence for the club and wants to help him with it. Cameron's grateful to Curtis for helping him through the anger of Franco's death. Curtis tells Cameron about Taggert's hearing and he heads to the courthouse to offer Trina support.

TJ questions Curtis' marriage status. Curtis tells him about his separation from Jordan and mentions TJ should butt out. TJ wonders if there is a place in Curtis' new life for Jordan.

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The judge accepts Taggert's no guilty plea, but feels he's a flight risk. Jordan speaks on Taggert's behalf, so the judge gives him bail. Jordan tells Trina and Portia that she's responsible for Taggert, and he'll be staying with her.

Peter offers his condolences to Liz, who doesn't want to hear it. Peter says he regrets the Invader's story on Franco and wants Liz's side of the story. Liz tells him to shut his lying mouth (you go girl!!). Liz says she knows he tried to kill Franco and Andre, despite Peter's vehement denials.

Finn arrives as Peter is getting more agitated. Peter claims he's being persecuted like Franco was, which is too much for Liz. She lunges at Peter, but is stopped by Finn. Liz says no one is buying his poor man act and he's nothing like Franco. Liz says Peter chose not to be a good man. Finn says Anna did everything to defend Peter. Peter says there is no proof against him, but Liz says everyone knows what he's done. Finn warns Peter to back off. Peter still wants her to do the story, insisting it will help convict Jason of Franco's murder.

Anna summons Liesl and tells her about Dante's attack on Peter. Liesl's not surprised, but then Anna mentions Dr. Kirk. Liesl claims she was only Dr. Kirk's patient and nothing else. Anna doesn't believe her and accuses her of seducing him. Liesl says she did what she had to do to survive.

Anna asks if Dr. Kirk assaulted Liesl, but she just says she's glad he's dead. Anna says if Dante were to be triggered again, it would mean that Dr. Kirk had a partner and she would go after that person. Anna says Peter needs to pay for his crimes and Liesl wonders what convinced her of Peter's guilt. Anna says Peter murdered Franco. Liesl's upset that she didn't realize Peter would go after Franco and feels responsible. Liesl says Peter must pay, but Anna says she doesn't want Peter dead.

Cyrus stops by to see Jason and is not amused to hear he's not taking the deal regarding Florence and Gladys.

Carly stops by to talk to Anna about Peter.

Peter runs into Liesl and offers fake condolences for Franco. Liesl accuses him of murder, but he says there is no proof. Peter throws it in her face that he'll be living his life with Maxie while she has no part of it. Liesl says everyone has turned their backs on him and justice is coming for him.

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