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Perkie's Observations: Jordan Replaces Curtis With Taggert on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 30, 2021
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Jordan Ashford, General Hospital

Briana Nicole Henry

On today's General Hospital recap: Cyrus says all Jason needs to do is return his mother, but Jason isn't budging. Cyrus mentions the upcoming meeting with the Five Families and how he plans to attend in Jason's absence. Cyrus warns Jason to return his mother or be tried and convicted of Franco's murder. Jason refuses to play ball.

Alexis heads to the courthouse for her hearing. Sam and Diane want Alexis to plead not guilty for the attack on Dante, while Valentin feels she needs to own up and make amends. Alexis agrees that she needs to face the consequences. Sam is not happy with Valentin's influence on Alexis.

Dante is summoned to testify and talks to Sam about almost killing Peter. Sam tells Dante that Jason believes Peter killed Franco, and with Britt's help, they'll prove it.

Finn talks to Michael about Alexis' trial. Michael says all anyone wants is for Alexis to get the help she needs. Finn heads to the courthouse to support Alexis.

Valentin says if Alexis is going to win over her sobriety, she has to be honest with herself. Finn shows up sniping at Valentin, but Diane tells them to play nice and support Alexis.

Laura checks in on Curtis' progress with the nightclub. Laura tells him about her lunch with Martin and how Cyrus ruined it. Laura says there is a dark side to Martin as well. She thinks she rushed things with him and needs to pull back.

Talk turns to Jordan, and Laura tells Curtis not to give up so quickly. He says the issue between them is trust. Laura wonders if Curtis has decided to move on. Curtis decides to pay Jordan a visit.

Taggert moves in with Jordan. He wants to know how they're going to take down Cyrus. Jordan shows him her file on Cyrus and how they need to put him away properly this time. Then, Curtis shows up.

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Carly tells Anna that Jason believes she can help prove his innocence and bring Peter to justice. Carly explains that Gladys is the witness, and then goes onto explain her connection to Cyrus via Brando. Carly says they believe Gladys saw Peter drop the gun, but when Jason was arrested, she reached out to Cyrus. Anna wants to know why Cyrus would be protecting Peter.

The two discuss Gladys and what's the best way to work her. Anna says they need Gladys alive and Carly agrees they need to win her trust. Carly says Gladys has spent her life on the outside and wants prestige as well as money. The two want Gladys to implicate Peter.

Gladys is thrilled to spend her money, which makes Brando question where the money is coming from. Gladys says Cyrus has been generous to her to make sure she and Brando get along. Brando warns Gladys that Cyrus is dangerous and not to cross him.

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Peter interrupts to introduce himself to Gladys, and when Brando leaves the table, Peter asks if he and Gladys have met before. Gladys says Peter has an unforgettable face. Peter says Liesl accused him of killing Franco and doesn't know where she would have come up with that idea. Gladys tells Peter that she's the eyewitness against Jason.

Peter wants to write an article about Gladys' side of the story and she's overjoyed, but Cyrus overhears and disagrees. Cyrus says Gladys is a threat to Jason if her story gets plastered in the Invader, so Peter is forced to back off.

Peter complains to Cyrus that despite the eyewitness, people are still speculating he's Franco's killer. Peter worries he'll end up in jail. Cyrus warns Peter not to mess up his end of their bargain. Cyrus says it will take both their efforts to make sure Jason stays behind bars.

Michael stops over to see Jason and declares he knows Jason is innocent. Michael knows Gladys is lying and realizes that Cyrus is paying her. Michael worries that Cyrus will target the family and he needs to step in. Jason says Sonny didn't want this life for Michael, but he insists there is no one else to step up.

Anna summons Valentin and explains how Peter killed Franco, and says he'll need to help deal with Gladys. 

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