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WATCH: Tiffany Cross Slams Meghan McCain's "Ill-Informed" Identity Politics Comments

Tiffany Cross

On the MSNBC's The Cross ConnectionTiffany Cross addressed recent comments made by Meghan McCain on The ViewOn the chatfest last week, McCain responded to Senator Tammy Duckworth revoking support for President Joe Biden's cabinet nominees unless he promised to increased Asian-American and Pacific Islander representation in his administration before backing off after receiving "assurances" from Biden and his team. McCain then asked whether "identity politics" were "more important than qualifications for the job."

In response to McCain's remarks, Cross said:

Uh, yes. One of you should definitely lose your job. I’ll give you two guesses, but you’ll only need one.

Cross noted that the origin of "identity politics" "was articulating Black women's struggle," citing feminist Barbara Smith. She continued:

But just like with hairstyles, Meghan, we’ve watched you take it, twist it, braid it and lock it so it benefits the warped presentation of your clumsy and ill-informed thoughts.

Watch the full segment below.