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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Faces Hard Time in Pentonville on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for March 31, 2021
Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

On today's General Hospital recap: Curtis is surprised to hear that Taggert will be staying with Jordan. Taggert apologizes to Curtis for coming between him and Jordan. Curtis sees Cyrus' file and Taggert wonders if he wants to help them take Cyrus down. Curtis says he's out of that life now.

Carly and Anna's plan is to have Valentin cozy up to Gladys and pump her for the truth. Robert arrives as Carly is leaving and is suspicious of the two of them working together. Anna says Jason is innocent and that Peter killed Franco. Anna explains that Gladys is lying about seeing Jason dump the gun and Valentin will come to her defense when Carly verbally attacks her.

Robert tells Anna she needs to get evidence against Peter sooner rather than later. He says Maxie is coming up with a plan of her own, but won't tell him. Anna worries that Maxie will go to extremes.

Peter's upset with Valentin for turning on him and not allowing him to live his life. Valentin says his life is built on lies and says Peter needs to take responsibility. Peter warns Valentin to stay out of his life or he'll regret it.

Carly confronts Gladys, accusing her of lying about seeing Jason dump the gun. She threatens that Gladys will pay with an obstruction of justice charge. The two go a couple of rounds until Valentin breaks things up, as Peter watches from the distance. Valentin defends Gladys as Carly continues to bad mouth her. Carly kicks them both out. 

Carly spots Peter and turns her attention to him. Carly says the story on Jason is tabloid trash and not journalism. Peter says his readers are fascinated and his numbers are up. Carly says the hotel and Corinthos Coffee have relationships with The Invaders' advertisers. She says she can convince them not to run their ads in his paper. Peter warns her not to pick a fight with him. He says with Sonny dead and Jason in prison, she has no one to protect her and her family.

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Valentin takes Gladys out for a drink and bad mouths Carly. Gladys does her own storytelling. Gladys brings up being a material witness in a murder trial and claims Jason will pay for his crimes.

Britt wants to know what Maxie is doing to protect herself and her baby from Peter. Britt thinks Maxie should take out a restraining order, but Maxie feels that would push Peter to do something dangerous. Britt says Peter is becoming more like Faison and obsessed every day.

Maxie says she needs to protect her baby by having her disappear. Maxie says Peter has to believe the baby is stillborn. Britt mentions Nelle doing the same thing, but Maxie says she's doing it to protect her baby. She says she needs Britt's help. Britt says she can't afford to lose the license she just got back. Britt says Peter won't believe her, but Maxie thinks they can pull it off.

Britt says they'll have to lie to everyone, including Mac and Felicia. Maxie says everyone will understand in the end. Maxie says someone she trusts will take the child and after a few weeks, she'll move away to be with her.

Britt says everything needs to be planned out. She says Peter will follow if Maxie leaves town. Britt says Peter is fixated and won't give her up, and wonders how far Maxie is willing to go with Peter.

Molly shows up late to the hearing and is worried about Alexis' fate. TJ reassures her as Alexis enters her guilty plea. The judge asks to hear Dante's testimony before sentencing.

Dante testifies to the judge about what happened the day that Alexis assaulted him. He says Alexis was not in her right mind and her judgement was impaired. Dante feels Alexis should be helped and not punished.

Alexis speaks, apologizing to the court for what she's done. and now she wants to make amends. Alexis says she doesn't want to hurt anyone anymore. The judge deliberates and Alexis thanks Dante for his kind words on the stand.

The judge dismisses the charge of attempted murder charge on Franco, but sentences Alexis to three years in Pentonville for the assault on Dante.

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