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Perkie's Observations: Liesl Convinces Scotty That Peter Killed Franco on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 1, 2021
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Liesl Obrecht, Scott Baldwin, General Hospital

Kathleen Gati, Kin Shriner

On today's General Hospital recap: Carly warns Peter that she'll come at him if he comes at her. Jax comes to Carly's rescue, sending Peter away. Jax tells Carly not to make an enemy of Peter. Carly complains to Jax that Peter was right about her being the last line of defense for her family.

Jax reassures her that Sonny's people (who exactly?) are loyal to Carly, but she says Peter isn't the only one she's up against. Carly says Cyrus is sniffing around and will use her family to get at them.

Carly tells Jax that Peter is the murderer and is working with Cyrus to blame Jason. Jax wishes Carly wouldn't get involved, but she says it's Jason and she has to help him.

Carly tells Jax that Nina called her about legal action against her for Wiley. Carly says Nina made a threat against her about sleeping alone. Jax promises that she's not alone.

Britt says she can't help Maxie with her plan. Britt worries that Peter will keep coming if Maxie keeps giving him signs that she's interested. Maxie says she sees the crazy and won't fall for Peter's lies anymore.

Peter shows up with an apology gift. The gift is a teddy bear, the only toy Peter was allowed to keep from his adopted parents. Maxie reminds him of their deal and he claims he'll back off and allow her some space. After he leaves, Maxie seems to soften, but Britt says he lied about the teddy bear, saying Faison gave her one just like it.

Maxie realizes that Peter won't stop coming at her, so Britt says she'll go along with the plan to pretend the baby died. Britt says she knows what to do to keep Peter away from her until the birth.

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Sonny tries to convince Nina to bring tourists to their little town and save it from extinction. Liesl calls Nina to tell her that Peter murdered Franco. Liesl blames herself and doesn't know what to do. Nina tells her to fight legally.

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Nina asks Sonny how hard he's tried to find out who he is and why he hasn't tried harder. Sonny says he loves the town he's in and thinks if his previous life was a mess, he's not interested in finding out. Sonny thinks his people seem to have given up since they haven't found him, and now he likes his life.

Eli shows up, and once introduced to Nina, wonders if there is a connection between her and Sonny. Nina claims she and "Mike" just met. Sonny mentions how Nina runs Crimson and how he wants her to write an article to bring in tourists. Eli offers to show her around, so Nina agrees.

Scotty wants an apology from Jason, but he says he didn't kill Franco. Liesl shows up and tells Scotty that Jason didn't do it, but Peter did. Liesl tells Scotty that Peter framed Jason the same way he framed her. She tells Jason she will fight to exonerate him and for Peter to be convicted.

Liesl and Scotty share a drink and she thanks him for helping her when she was first back in town. Liesl blames herself for Franco's death and can't forgive herself. Scotty says they need to make Peter pay. The two head up to Liesl's room.

Jake begs Liz to visit Jason in lockup to tell Jason he doesn't believe he killed Franco. Cameron gets angry with Jake for not believing that Jason did the deed. Jake swears his father didn't do it, accuses Cameron of lying, and storms out.

Liz talks to Jake, who wants to know what she believes. She says she was taught that Jason is innocent until found guilty. Jake insists on seeing Jason.

Joss tears a strip off of Cameron. She can't believe he would hurt Jake's feelings that way. Cameron apologizes to Jake for hurting him. Jake asks if Cameron retracts what he said about Jason and when Cameron refuses, Jake doesn't accept the apology.

Joss insists to Cameron that Jason didn't do it, but he says Liz was there and found Jason standing over Franco. Cameron can't believe Joss would defend the man who killed Franco. Joss says she can't be friends with him since he refuses to realize that he's wrong.

Jake and Liz head to the station to see Jason. Jake tells Jason that Cameron and Liz believe he killed Franco. Jason reassures Jake that things will work themselves out and swears he didn't kill Franco.

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