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REPORT: Sharon Osbourne "Bitterly Disappointed" Over The Talk Exit

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne isn't thrilled about how her departure from The Talk went down. It seems the OG momager is a bit perturbed with the publicity surrounding her exit from the show and doesn't like that she's being labeled a racist. 

According to reports by Us Weekly, a close source with Mrs. O told the publication,

Sharon is bitterly disappointed at how it all played out. Her whole career has been based on not holding back, speaking her mind and championing free speech — so to be classified or perceived as a bigot or a racist is a sickening scenario and an utter nightmare for her, especially since she insists up and down it’s all a pack of lies and that’s the last thing she is.

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While Osbourne is out of a job, sources tell the magazine she's trying to look at "all the positives” regarding this situation and, once the attention settles down, she will try to navigate the next move in her life. The sources claim,

She knows some people will now hate her forever no matter what, plus in many respects, she’ll have to start from scratch once the whole mess dies down. She’s decided to take a breather for a while and see where the chips fall once the dust settles. In the meantime, she’s distraught and angry, trying to digest this tornado that’s come from nowhere and turned her life upside down.