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Perkie's Observations: The Judge Denies Bail for Jason on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 2, 2021
Steve Burton

Steve Burton

On today's General Hospital recap: Another disparaging article on Jason appears in the Invader. Liz and Cameron discuss how hard he was on Jake. Cameron isn’t sorry for continuing to believe that Jason killed Franco. 

Jackie tears a strip off of Peter for the latest article and wants nothing to do with the news rag anymore. Peter says she signed a contract and he won’t release her.

Anna asks Robert for help in releasing Jason on bail. She says it’s not just about Peter, but she’s also worried about Cyrus.

At the courthouse, Carly is upset about the latest article and wants reassurances that Jason will get out on bail. She bad mouths Gladys, but Diane says this is an arraignment hearing and she can’t do anything about Gladys. Diane says barring a miracle, Jason will remain in custody until the trial. Carly promises Jason that she’ll make sure he doesn’t spend more time in jail than necessary.

Peter shows up the bail hearing to represent the press. DA Robert says he’s not asking for bail, which thrills Diane and Carly. The judge however, disagrees, and he remands Jason to Pentonville to await trial. 

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Finn tells Chase that he and Anna broke up. Chase talks to Jackie and says he’s willing to get past everything. He says he will always see Gregory as his father. Jackie says they have to work as a family together. 

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Nina and Sonny spend some time together. The two share a dance and Sonny mentions the dream with the blonde. Phyllis sees them together and tells Nina she thinks they're good together.

Joss and Trina wait for college admission results. Both of them get accepted at PCU (natch!). The girls tell Cameron the good news when he shows up. Cameron tells Joss that Jake is still mad at him. Joss tries to convince Cameron that Jason wouldn’t have been that sloppy, but he refuses to believe that Jason didn’t kill Franco. 

Cameron says Joss needs to stop defending Jason and realize the type of person he is. Joss has enough of Cameron’s anger and reminds him that Jason saved him. Joss says Jason denied killing Franco which to her means he’s telling the truth. Joss says someone framed Jason and they’re still out there. Alone, Joss gets notification that she only got waitlisted at the college of her choice.

Scotty wakes up in Liesl's bed the morning after and neither regrets it. Liesl says it was an itch to be scratched, though Scotty sees it as a mutual moment of grief. The two head to the courthouse and find out that Jason didn’t get bail. Liesl warns Peter to enjoy his time because he won't get away with it.

Peter crows to Carly how the world is safer with Jason in prison. Carly says Peter’s gotten away with so many lies that he just keeps lying. She says Jason will be proven innocent and Peter will pay.

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