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Melody Thomas Scott Discusses Nikki Helping With Faith's Alcohol Battle on Y&R

Melody Thomas Scott

Alcoholism has once again arrived on the Newman family's doorsteps and this time it isn't coming for Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) on The Young and the Restless. Faith (Alyvia Alyn Lind) has succumbed to the addiction, thanks to her no-good friend Jordan (Madison Thompson) and the bullying the poor teen is facing. 

Not only is the alcohol abuse hitting close to home for the Newmans, due to Nikki's fight, but Faith's car accident also closely mirrors big sister Cassie's (Camryn Grimes) death. Just how is this affecting Nikki? TV Insider spoke with Y&R's first lady to get her thoughts.

Faith’s accident draws many parallels to Cassie’s tragic death. How is Nikki taking all this? 

Melody Thomas Scott: Nikki is devastated and feels terrible guilt for having left Faith alone for literally one minute. Nikki is upset that this happened under her watch. This situation brings Cassie’s tragic demise to the forefront of everyone’s minds; they know how badly this situation could end and they are desperate to find a way to control it.

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Does MTS think Nikki could've been more helpful to Faith? TV Insider asked the actress,

Could Nikki have done more for Faith given her own issues with alcoholism?

Nikki has been on high alert since she learned that Faith had been acting out with her "bad-influence" friend, Jordan [Madison Thompson]. They had been caught drinking a few times and Nikki had many heart-to-hearts with Faith about the alcohol use. Faith feels more comfortable talking to Nikki about these things because of her grandmother’s alcoholism.

Can Nikki make a difference when nobody else can? The publication asked Thomas Scott,

How can Nikki help Faith in a way that others, including her parents, can’t?

Certainly, Nikki is an expert on this subject. She can speak with more authority on the dangers of drinking than any other adult in Faith’s life. Also, the fact that Nikki is one generation above her parents makes her advice to Faith a bit gentler. There is a different dynamic between them. Faith feels this difference and will consider her grandmother’s words over the “preaching” of her parents.