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Days of Our Lives Recap: Jan Spears’ Recovery Stokes Belle’s Ire (WATCH)

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 5, 2021
Belle Black, Days of Our Lives

Martha Madison

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Ben coming back to his room looking pale and tragic. He pulls out Ciara’s somewhat scorched wedding ring and looks at it lovingly. Next, the book of Shakespeare catches his sad eyes. Suddenly, he notices that one of his books is gone!

At University Hospital, Ciara looks bored. She is searching her bed for the remote when she finds Ben’s missing book. Ciara loves Shakespeare and is immediately intrigued. 

In the lobby, Belle is none too happy that Jan Spears is actually awake! She should be in prison right now! Shawn Douglas says he is going to arrest her for all of her many crimes. Belle patiently reminds Shawn D that he can’t arrest her or Jan will press charges against her dad. 

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At the penthouse, Marlena is trying to determine what John is keeping from her. They are discussing the night of Charlie Dale’s murder. John says he remembers something . . . and then hears a gun shot in his memory. He tells Marlena what he heard and she wonders where he was. John just has no idea.

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At Nicole’s place, Tripp has something to tell Allie about Charlie. 

Across town, Ava is also spilling tea about Charlie to Nicole. The night she went to her son’s apartment, she saw Tripp in the parking lot running away. Then, she went upstairs and found Charlie with a bullet lodged in his chest. 

That’s how we began our day in Salem. What are you thinking about the “Who killed Charlie Dale” story? What about Jan Spears regaining consciousness? Watch the video and sound off in the comments!

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