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Perkie's Observations: Brook Lynn Dupes Her Family on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 5, 2021
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Brook Lynn Quartermaine, General Hospital

Amanda Setton

On today's General Hospital recap: Ned and Michael find Olivia and Brook Lynn arguing about eating sushi while she's pregnant. Olivia doesn't think Brook Lynn is taking care of herself. Ned brings up the baby leverage issue and Olivia goes on a tirade. Brook Lynn says she doesn't forgive herself for giving up the shares and her baby can help get ELQ back.

Carly's upset with Valentin because Jason was sent to Pentonville where he's an easy target. She wants proof that Gladys was lying about her testimony and tells Valentin to ramp things up.

Gladys questions Sasha's motives towards Brando, but she says they are just friends. Gladys runs into Valentin who offers to buy her a drink. The two gleefully bad mouth the Corinthos family.

Brando confesses to Sasha the truth about Dev's paternity and how Sonny asked him to play along. Sasha realizes it means Michael knew the truth and kept it from her. The two notice Valentin and Gladys. Sasha warns Brando to be very careful with Valentin.

Michael apologizes once again to Willow for not consulting her when keeping Nina away from Wiley. Michael says Willow is the one to help him see how things are and her opinion means the most. The two lean in for a kiss, just as Sasha arrives.

Brando speaks to Gladys alone and asks her about her relationship with Valentin. She claims Valentin is just a friend and tells Brando to back off.

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While she's away from the table, Valentin sneaks a peek at her phone, but Gladys catches him. He claims he was putting his number in her phone and offers to see her again.

Valentin tells Carly that Gladys has been receiving calls from an unknown number. He claims they began the day Franco was murdered. He says it's a burner phone and Carly believes it belongs to Cyrus.

Laura updates Kevin on the latest news with her brothers and her disappointment in Martin.

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Nikolas seems distracted when Ava brings up their renewal ceremony. Nikolas is concerned about Spencer, who has been ignoring him. Nikolas wants Spencer to stand up with him at the ceremony. Ava reassures him that Spencer will come around.

Martin shows up at the gallery to talk to Nikolas, but he's already spoken to Laura about Martin's misdeeds. Nikolas tells Ava that Martin helped Julian escape. Martin swears he didn't protect Cyrus.

Martin tells Nikolas he's worried that Cyrus is trying to drag Laura into his web of lies. Nikolas says his mother is immune, but Martin says Cyrus believes he and Laura are kindred souls. Martin says Cyrus will chip away at Laura and warns Nikolas he needs to protect his mother.

Cyrus wants Laura to give up Florence. Laura says his mother wasn't kidnapped and Martin is fine with the care she's getting. Laura says there's nothing she can do and wants him to take responsibility for his own crimes.

Cyrus says he's not going back to prison and thinks Laura's taken sides proving she's not that different from him. Cyrus says she has the ability to stop a war and if blood is spilled, it will be on her.

Nikolas arrives and roughs Cyrus up warning him to stay away from Laura. Cyrus says if Laura won't help him with his family, then maybe Nikolas will do what he needs to do.

Kevin stops by the gallery to pick up a painting that Franco left for him. He gives Ava a package that was at her door. Ava opens the package to find a rubber hand. (Gee, who's missing a hand?)

Olivia tells Ned they should tell Valentin exactly what Brook Lynn is doing. She says they need to stop Brook Lynn from making dangerous choices. Ned says he understands what Brook Lynn is doing ,which does not sit well with Olivia.

Brook Lynn heads to her bedroom where she adjusts her fake baby bump. (Congrats to everyone who called out how she was pretending to be pregnant!)

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