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Perkie's Observations: Cyrus Targets Alexis In Prison on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 6, 2021
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Jeff Korber, General Hospital

Jeff Kober

On today's General Hospital recap: Nikolas throws his Cassadine weight in Cyrus' face, but he simply laughs it off. Cyrus brings up Alexis and offers to have her serve her sentence safely if Nikolas helps him find his mother. Nikolas realizes that Cyrus is threatening to send people after Alexis while she's in prison. Cyrus yells at the two of them to see things his way before storming off.

Nikolas is angry that Cyrus would go after Alexis and doesn't understand why Laura didn't help Cyrus find his mother. Laura says she doesn't negotiate with terrorists and says she doesn't have the power to bring Florence home.

Laura says keeping Florence means that Cyrus is behaving. Nikolas points out it's only a matter of time before Cyrus finds a way, including getting at Alexis. Laura says Cyrus getting his mother back will only cause him to take over the town.

Nikolas says Laura dragged them into this fight and she should have left it for the police to deal with. Laura tells him not to give in to Cyrus, but Nikolas is worried about Alexis.

Valentin tells Carly they can't trace the burner phone to Cyrus. Carly believes Cyrus and Peter are working together. Carly is desperate to get Jason out of prison so she doesn't have to go up against Cyrus and the five families alone. Carly points out that Cyrus will come after Valentin and his family as well.

The severed hand sent to Ava includes a letter from someone who signed it "R". Ava believes it came from Ryan, but Kevin disagrees. Chase is called in to check if Ryan had any visitors who could have helped him pull this off. Kevin offers to take Ava home for her protection, but she turns him down.

Laura tells Kevin about the encounter between Cyrus and Nikolas. Kevin tells her that someone is messing with Ava. Nikolas heads back to the gallery to update Ava.

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Previous General Hospital (GH) recap: Brook Lynn Dupes Her Family

Sasha interrupts an almost kiss between Millow. Willow storms off, but Brook Lynn catches her at the door. The two talk about Willow's issues with Michael and Chase.

Sasha questions what she walked in on, so Michael admits that his feelings for Willow are not resolved. Michael says they shared a life and it's not easy to shut things off. Sasha says the way he looks at Willow is how he used to look at her.

Sasha complains they haven't really worked on their relationship, but Michael thinks they're going slowly and waiting for their feelings to come back. Both of them realize their feelings for each other are gone. Michael thanks her for everything she did for Wiley and the two officially break up.

Alexis wants to take advantage of what little free time she has left and spends it going over her personal things with Sam. Prison consultant Irene drops in to help them prepare. Irene paints a bleak picture, which does not sit well with Sam.

Irene says Alexis needs to learn how to protect herself. She explains her own backstory, then tells Alexis to find a purpose on the inside. After Irene leaves, Alexis needs Sam to be okay while she's away, so Sam promises she will.

Cyrus overhears Carly placing a call to Diane, begging to see Jason. He offers to make some calls on her behalf. Cyrus tells her that he can have Jason released if he gets his mother back. Carly is certain Jason will be home soon and digs in the knife that Florence won't.

Carly says she's not scared of him, but Cyrus says there's no reason for her to be. With Sonny and Jason gone, she's free of the violence.

Valentin shows up at the mansion to discuss private security for Brook Lynn and the baby. She says she doesn't take orders from him and doesn't want bodyguards around her. Brook Lynn storms off, but catches her foot and falls. Valentin insists on taking her to the hospital.

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