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Sheryl Underwood Reveals No Communication From Sharon Osbourne After Departure From The Talk

Sheryl Underwood, The Talk

Sheryl Underwood

The Talk's Sheryl Underwood is speaking out and getting candid about her former co-host and friend Sharon Osbourne's exit from the show.

In a three-part episode on her podcast, The Word According to Sheryl, the comic breaks down the events which took place during the March 10 episode when she and Mrs. O had a heated exchange. Underwood revealed she and Osbourne have not spoken since that fateful day, despite the momanger claiming she tried to reach out to her.

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To prove she wasn't making things up, Underwood broke out her receipts via her phone history to show she has no calls from her. Underwood also stated that, despite Osbourne's assertions, she was "blindsided" by CBS executives to discuss Piers Morgan and his disbelief in Meghan Markle's claims. During an interview with Oprah, she opened up about her experience with racism and suicidal thoughts while she and Prince Harry were active members of the royal family.

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According to Underwood, Osbourne herself was the moderator and the questions were not from TPTB over at the Tiffany network. As the situation unfolded, Underwood explains she was trying to be careful on how she engaged the conversation so she wasn't, "perceived as attacking." Underwood explained,

In my gut, I thought this was going to go left. And so I wanted to put it in its proper order, be very calm, but there were a few people that criticized me on that — 'Why do you give any f---- about somebody's feelings? They give no f---- about yours.' It's not about the reaction of the person, it's about me and who I'm trying to evolve and mature to be.

Underwood also said she became "fast friends" with Osbourne when she joined The Talk in 2011. However, Underwood also disclosed she "heard things" about her, but still became good buddies with her. Underwood stated.

I automatically just fell in love with her because I just like her. And I heard things and I was like, 'They got nothing to do with me.' My thing is I'm going to get to know you first. I had heard things, and I got phone calls of this and that and so what I said to those people, I said, 'Thank you for the information.' Because listen, in this business you've got all types of personalities, right?"

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Underwood never disclosed what she heard about Osbourne, but does say what was said to her was confirmed, "in hindsight."  Does she still care for Osbourne? Underwood stated she did and said,

And maybe people don't want to hear me say, 'I still love the Osbournes.' I'm not saying I liked being treated the way I was treated," she added. "I'm very disappointed. And I'm just trying to navigate my feelings about that because it was a trauma.