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WATCH: The Bold and the Beautiful's Scott Clifton Teases Liam's Guilty Conscience

Scott Clifton

The Bold and the Beautiful star Scott Clifton's character, Liam, is in quite the pickle on screen. After a step forward in possibly reuniting with wife Hope (Annika Noelle), Liam drove off into the sunset, chatting with dad Bill (Don Diamont)... 

But then he apparently hit rogue lab tech Vinny (Joe LoCicero) with his car! What's to come for panic-stricken Liam? Clifton opened up to TV Insider.  

Filming the driving scenes was unique, he explained:

And so we actually used [showrunner] Brad [Bell]’s son's car, which is just the most gorgeous car you've ever seen, and we got to, like, to sit in it. We didn’t actually drive it; it was just stationary on set. We kind of had, like, practical effects and stuff like that, but then we had to kind of be serious and, in a pandemic, [...] so Don and I couldn’t actually sit next to each other in the car. 

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How is Liam going to keep the secret about Vinny? Bill is taking charge, Clifton dished:

Liam’s going to be not good at this [laughs]. That is the dynamic. Some of my favorite stories on the show are the Bill-Liam father-son dynamic stories and Bill knows exactly what needs to be done. And it's just about taking the steps to do it to protect everyone, but Liam has this pesky conscience that he just sorts of let consume him. 

But don't expect smooth sailing, Clifton warned. He noted:

When Liam is wracked with guilt, he’s doesn’t think very clearly, and I think you might see some of that, as well. 

Watch the full interview below.