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Joe LoCicero Reflects on Vinny's Bonds and Betrayals on The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful

This week on The Bold and the Beautiful, Liam (Scott Clifton) apparently ran over drug dealer/lab tech Vinny (Joe LoCicero) with his car. Meanwhile, LoCicero is out at the soap, and he shared his thoughts on his journey with Soap Opera Digest.

LoCicero knew Vinny would meet his maker a bit ahead of time. He shared:

[Showrunner] Brad [Bell] gave me a heads up a couple of episodes before, which was cool of him to do. It wasn’t a lot of notice because they wanted to keep the story a secret. I actually didn’t know that Vinny switched the paternity test results until, like, two days before that episode. They wanted it to be such a big secret that they didn’t even tell me [laughs].

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LoCicero was along for the sudsy ride, sharing:

When Vinny got the job in the hospital lab, I thought that was really interesting. I loved it. It was the most soapy twist ever. The material got more and more fun as it went along. Since most of my scenes had been with Matt [Atkinson, Thomas], it was great to have Tanner [Novlan, Finn] there and establish a new relationship to play for Vinny. That confrontation scene between the three of them was cool, especially since Vinny felt so betrayed by Thomas, the best friend he thought he was trying to help.

He added:

I do believe I’m done filming but it is a soap opera so anything is possible. I always looked forward to getting those scripts because I never knew what Vinny would be getting himself into. I always appreciate having a space to grow, so if there was ever a home for me, and a home for growth, it was B&B. Of course I’d come back to BOLD if they asked me. I’d play anything. I love that place, and if other soaps are like that, then I’d love to play on other daytime soaps, for sure.