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Days of Our Lives Recap: Chanel and Xander Get Acquainted Over Hooch (WATCH)

Days of Our Lives Recap for April 7, 2021
Chanel Dupree, Xander Kiriakis, Days of Our Lives

Precious Way, Paul Telfer

On today’s Days of Our Lives recap: We begin our day in Salem with Chad and Abigail in the newly renovated DiMera living room. They just returned from their couples therapy session. Abigail apologizes for spending the whole time talking about Gwen. She is done letting someone who did such awful things to her control her life. 

Side Note: I’m not buying what Abigail is selling. 

Jack is calling from Alice Horton’s living room and really wants to spend some time talking to her. She’s available, but he wants to talk in person. She’s on her way. 

Across town, Theo is talking to Julie about Chanel. It was news to both Julie and Theo that Chanel is Paulina’s daughter. 

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In the park, Xander is taking a breather from his bender when Chanel walks up talking to herself about her no good family. Xander awakens from his drunken stupor to call her sweetheart. She starts to come for him, but changes her mind because she’s just in a bad mood. Xander offers her a bottle so they can be miserable together. They introduce themselves and get on with drinking. 

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At University Hospital, Claire is dealing with an impatient Ben as they wait for the conclusion of Ciara’s hypnosis session with Marlena. 

In the other room, Ciara is FREAKING OUT because she now knows that Claire not only tried to sleep with Tripp, but also tried to SET HER ON FIRE. Ciara is done with everybody’s messes and attempts to exit the room. 

That’s how our day began in Salem. Are you intrigued by the possibility of Xander and Chanel? How do you think Ciara will move forward now that she knows that Claire tried to fry her like bacon? Watch the video and sound off in the comments!

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