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Perkie's Observations: Alexis Reflects on Her Past Before Going to Prison on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 8, 2021
Nancy Lee Grahn

Nancy Lee Grahn

On today's General Hospital recap: Alexis is worried about going to Pentonville. She pays Kevin a visit to help her find out about herself. He asks how she's spent her day so far.

Earlier in the day, Alexis had lunch with Finn, Jax, Valentin, and Ned, who only had good words for her.

Alexis wants Kevin's help to find her purpose since she's no longer a lawyer. Kevin asks about her relationship with her father. Alexis is adamant that her life spinning out of control has nothing to do with her father. Alexis says it all started when Julian held a knife to her throat.

Kevin asks about the other men in her life. Alexis starts with Ned by saying he was always stable, but she imploded things by sleeping with him.

Earlier in the day, Alexis paid Olivia a visit. Olivia tells her she doesn't hate Alexis, but misses who she was.

Alexis feels responsible for Neil's death, though Kevin says she's not responsible for him or Julian.

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Earlier in the day...Alexis met with Nikolas and Ava at Julian's old pub, which is now owned by Ava.

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Kevin brings up Mikkos again and Alexis gets angry because he's making the bottom line about women with daddy issues. Alexis says the men in her life don't define who she is.

Alexis remembers her father bringing her mother the watch when she was a child. She tells Kevin how her parents fought. She remembers Mikkos kept hitting her mother and she felt helpless.

Alexis acknowledges that her father was abusive, but her mother took him back. She's upset she couldn't protect her mother, but Kevin reminds her she was just a child. Alexis talks to young Alexis and convinces her it wasn't her fault.

Earlier that night, the Davis coven held a graduation ceremony so Alexis could see Molly in her cap and gown. Alexis doesn't want Sam to worry and says she'll be alright.

The next morning, Alexis enters Pentonville.

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