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Perkie's Observations: Maxie and Britt Prepare to Put Their Plan In Action on General Hospital

General Hospital Recap for April 7, 2021
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Maxie Jones, General Hospital

Kirsten Storms

On today's General Hospital recap: Maxie is admitted to the hospital. Britt gives her the thumbs up and the two get ready to get started on their plan. Peter shows up and Britt has him listen to the baby's heartbeat. Britt lays it on thick to Peter that Maxie's under stress and is in danger of a premature delivery. Britt blames Peter for being the stressor.

Valentin brings Brook Lynn to the hospital and Britt takes her away for some tests. Anna overhears and offers to sit with Valentin. He doesn't understand Brook Lynn's lack of concern for her fall, but Anna reassures him it was just a fall.

Britt wants to do an ultrasound. Brook Lynn says it will take her a while to change, so Britt leaves her alone for a few minutes. Brook Lynn looks for something that will fool Britt. Brook Lynn spots Maxie in the cubicle beside her and makes small talk with her. She snatches Maxie's ultrasound photo. When Britt returns, Brook Lynn claims someone else came in and did the ultrasound for her. Brook shows the photo to Britt.

Cyrus complains to Brando about Carly's lack of respect towards him. Brando mentions his concerns about Gladys and Valentin sharing a drink, which also concerns Cyrus. Nikolas arrives for a meeting with Cyrus asking for his terms. Cyrus says he wants his mother back in exchange for protection for Alexis. Nikolas questions why he should trust Cyrus because of what happened to Lulu, but Cyrus blames Julian for the bomb.

Nikolas warns Cyrus he might find Florence and keep her for himself. Cyrus does not take kindly to his threat. Nikolas says his terms are for Alexis to be protected the minute she walks into prison, whether or not he's found Florence and Cyrus agrees.

Kristina shows up to see Alexis before she leaves for Pentonville. Alexis tells Kristina and Molly that she wants them to move into her house. Alexis tells them to take care of each other. Alexis is sad that she'll miss Molly's graduation from law school

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Nikolas drops in to see Alexis and lets her know that he'll keep and eye on her girls while she's gone. Nikolas thanks Alexis for being there for him while growing up and preventing him from going full-on Cassadine. Nikolas tells Alexis he's taken steps to make sure she'll be protected on the inside.

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Chase asks Finn to join him for a family dinner. Finn agrees, but doesn't want to bring Violet into it. He admits he hasn't spoken to Gregory since the DNA results came back. When Gregory arrives, he and Finn discuss Chase's paternity. Finn asks about him to stay for dinner, but Gregory is not up for it. Chase talks to Gregory, who then agrees to stay. Gregory says he'll help Chase adjust to the new situation, but he doesn't know about his own relationship with Finn.

Anna pops in to see Maxie, who remains hostile towards her. Anna says she doesn't want Maxie to take on Peter, because she's got something in the works. Maxie accuses Anna of not telling her the truth about Peter, and putting her and her kids in danger.

Peter comes in and starts an argument with Anna. Maxie tells him to stop causing her stress, so the two of them leave and finish the fight in the hall. Anna lays it on thick that she's worried about something happening to the baby.

Brook Lynn shows Valentin the sonogram photo and leaves the hospital on her own.

Britt tells Maxie that she's admitting her for observation and notices that her sonogram photo is missing from her file.

Cyrus calls Peter to tell him about the meeting between Valentin and Gladys, and how he's not happy about it. Cyrus doesn't understand the connection between Valentin and Jason, but Peter says they're both connected to Anna. Cyrus realizes that Anna and Valentin likely know about their plan with Gladys. He thinks it will be a problem, but Peter spots Finn and thinks otherwise. 

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