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WATCH: Kin Shriner Dishes Scotty's Family Woes and Future Romance on General Hospital

Kin Shriner`

General Hospital's Scotty (Kin Shriner) recently lost his third child, son Franco (Roger Howarth). Shriner masterfully brought his character's agony to life on screen. But what was it like playing those scenes, given Scotty's long history in Port Charles? Shriner chatted to Michael Fairman TV about the legal eagle's many losses and possible future loves.

When Fairman expressed a desire to have seen more scenes of Scott, Shriner responded:

There could've been more, but with who? But since I don’t have a girlfriend on the show—I soon am coming up to have a girlfriend—but for now there was nobody other than...they played Serena [Carly Schroeder] a couple of times back when we played the tribute to Peter Hansen [ex-Lee] when he passed away and we had that show and she showed up. Now, she wouldn’t have shown up because she never have even met Franco; plus she’s [Schroeder] in the army, the real Army. So I don’t know where I would have had any more scenes. I had it with Laura [Genie Francis]. I had it with Elizabeth [Rebecca Herbst]. I had it with Cameron [William Lipton].

Shriner enjoyed working with Howarth, musing:

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Well, yeah, I mean, like I said, Roger and I would would just run the lines downstairs and I never knew what he was going to do. I don’t think he knew what I was going to do and then we would roll tape and either...If it went towards humor, he was right there. He went any way. It was like a very good tennis partner or a sparring partner. He would turn any ad-lib, line; he could go with it or vice-versa.

Meanwhile, Scott is bonding with villainous Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Could a full-fledged love story be in the cards? Shriner said:

I didn’t know where they were going with it, because I had no clue that the writers all of a sudden felt, I think, there’s something here; let's build on it. And they did and that’s what’s coming up. All of a sudden we’re romantically involved and that’s where we’ve been playing it, that we’ve been doing a lot of cooing over each other and a lot of innuendos[…]

Watch the full interview below.